About ARRB

Trusted advisor to road agencies

For over 50 years, ARRB Group Ltd (ARRB) has provided trusted advice, technical expertise and solutions to transport and road agencies across the world. ARRB’s member agencies include federal, state and local government bodies and is a not-for-profit entity. ARRB and its members recognise the critical role they play in supporting one another to improve productivity, safety, sustainability and amenity outcomes for the public.

Key strategies include:

  • conducting multi-disciplinary programs of research on national priorities for Austroads
  • consulting services for members and the industry
  • creating a hub for road industry knowledge and experience which provides certainty and reliability in information
  • expanding knowledge sharing and transfer activities to meet industry needs
  • developing and commercialising innovative technology and systems.
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Areas of expertise

ARRB Group’s capabilities cover the full spectrum of road transport operations including:

  • materials, pavement and concrete design and testing
  • transport policy, operations and economics
  • infrastructure asset management
  • bridge management and evaluation
  • equipment manufacture and data collection services
  • road safety
  • traffic engineering & road design
  • heavy vehicle testing and simulation
  • parking
  • climate change
  • land transport resources and information
  • knowledge transfer and capacity building.
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Our customers

Our customers include:

  • all state and territory road authorities within Australia
  • national governments in Australia and New Zealand
  • local government including local councils and associations
  • state government
  • national bodies and associations
  • Australian and international aid agencies
  • transport and mining companies
  • private and engineering consultancies
  • major construction firms
  • defence, water, parks and wildlife government departments.
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Trusted advisor to road agencies