ARRB produces a comprehensive range of transport related publications, these include (please click on the relevant link below for further information):

We also provide access to a range of Austroads publications and to celebrate 50 years of road and transport research ARRB: the first fifty years book is now available.

Subscription Packages

We have a number of tailored subscription packages which are available on a subscription basis that include selected publications, providing a convenient method of maintaining current awareness.

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What types of publications can I subscribe to?

Here are some of our popular publications, please contact to subscribe or click here to download our newsletters

Road & Transport Research is a quarterly peer reviewed journal of interest to those involved in the roads and transport fields, both local and international. It includes referred and invited papers, news and local government items, new publications, reviews, and forthcoming events and conferences.

Briefing is ARRB's corporate newsletter, published quarterly, reporting on ARRB's work in Australia and overseas. Briefing also provides information on forthcoming conferences, workshops and seminars, and new ARRB and Austroads publications.

Local Roads News provides information and advice specially selected for local government staff with responsibility for roads. Notice of workshops and new publications for the local roads sector are also included. Local Roads News is published quarterly.

Road Safety Risk Reporter is a periodic newsletter which disseminates findings from the Austroads funded Road Safety Engineering Risk Assessment project. The information is of interest to those involved in road safety, providing information and advice on more effective ways in which they reduce road crashes and injuries using road engineering based measures.

Road Safety Audit Toolkit Bulletin - a periodic newsletter which provides updates and new features of the Austroads funded Road Safety Audit Toolit website.


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