Road Research Register

Road Research Register

Introducing the Road Research Register, the online information source for Australian and NZ road-related research projects. Click here to search the Road Research Register.

  • Designed to promote awareness of road-related research activities
  • Project information includes issue, methodology, contacts and outputs
  • Research in progress and also including archive of completed projects
  • Resource sharing benefits - opens avenues to possible research collaboration
  • Current contributors - Federal, State and Territory Government organisations within Australia and New Zealand.

Searching the Register

Simple and advanced search options as well as ability to browse (including subject area, organization, project leader)

Two level access

  • non-password access to majority of project details
  • password access to full project details available to data

Listed below is a presentation demonstrating the features of the Register.

Available now

You’ll find details for around 1300 projects, current and completed, for areas including:

  • bridges
  • environment
  • heavy vehicles
  • ITS
  • pavement structures
  • registration and licensing
  • road design and maintenance
  • road safety
  • skills and education
  • traffic management.

Coming soon

The aim is to add information on research projects from other bodies commissioning research and also on road-related post graduate research.

Contact information

Project data, and feedback, always welcome. Please contact

Register development funded by Austroads, ongoing maintenance by ARRB Group with support from National Interest Services (NIS) program

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