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24 Apr. 2017

TIPES approved product wins MINO Best Project Award

Polyroad proudly accepted an award in the MINO Best Project Awards, ‘Community Roads’ subcategory recently, as part of the 15th Road Engineering Association of Asia and Australasia (REAAA) conference this year. The REAAA Conference (which took place in Bali Indonesia, from the 22-24 March 2017) is a prestigious event for the road industry in the region. The conferences exhibit recent innovation, idea and technologies in road infrastructure, and provides a forum for the exchanging of ideas for road development.
Polyroad won the award for the use of its Polyroad PR21L dry powder binder, on a 55km haul road project in North West Queensland that it was involved with in 2015. The project submission was put through the Australian Road Research Board, who co-ordinated and assisted in providing the outline and entry requirements for this prestigious award.
Some of the specific items of excellence judged in the submission were:

  • Pavement design to use existing local materials
  • Extensive geotechnical testing
  • Polyroad treated material achieved minimum CBR values of 80
  • The use of an innovative stabilising binder to reduce moisture ingress into the pavement even during flooding and provide increased strength
  • Incorporate the use of stabilisation to maximise the conservation of water, a scarce resource in the region
  • Stabilisation processes used had the minimum amount of greenhouse gas emissions compared to other forms of pavement construction.

    ARRB would like to warmly congratulate the team at Polyroad on their accomplishment, and wishes them continued success in their work.
    Transport Infrastructure Product Evaluation Scheme or (TIPES), is a process aimed at providing an independent fit-for-purpose assessment of innovative road construction products. TIPES is intended for the evaluation products that fall outside the scope of established standards and specifications.  Polyroad was awarded the inaugural TIPES certificate for its PR21L product.

TIPES is a national scheme endorsed by all Australian State and Territory road agencies as well as IPWEA (QLD), the Queensland Local Roads Alliance and WALGA.

Interested parties can learn more about TIPES here