Brainfood for Breakfast: Pavement ride quality – what you need to know

We all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but what are the most prominent issues we face today by way of our roads and infrastructure? What about the next generation of roads? ARRB is committed to creating knowledge for tomorrow’s transport challenges and solutions – today.

In the competitive field of road maintenance and construction, contractors and suppliers of bituminous materials are often placed in a difficult position of achieving a target ride quality in the face of various obstacles including:

  • inclement weather 
  • availability of testing equipment
  • continuously trafficked pavements
  • limited knowledge of ride quality requirements.

You’re invited
ARRB invites you and your colleagues to attend this gourmet breakfast event, and enjoy a presentation on measuring ride quality.

This event will address the top five things to avoid, to ensure the ride quality of your pavement is as good as it can be. You will be provided with essential practical advice focused on educating on “what can be done” to meet contract specifications, based on the experience ARRB has gained from over 25 years of measuring the ride quality of pavements. Klaus Kiesel from VicRoads will also join us, to provide the local perspective on quality specifications.

The program also includes an open Q&A, where attendees can have their concerns addressed by the expert panel.

Attendees are then invited to join our experts for an equipment demonstration, on-site at the venue.

  • Meet industry colleagues
  • Introduce your business 
  • Learn from industry experts
  • Discover new innovations
  • Enjoy a scrumptious breakfast

Expert panel

  • Richard Wix - Australian Road Research Board, Technical Specialist, Systems
  • Stuart Cassin - Australian Road Research Board, Project Manager,  Data Collection
  • Klaus Kiesel - VicRoads, Specialist Pavement Technology Engineer