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Vision Statement

Australian Driverless Vehicle Initiative Blue Car

“ To accelerate the safe and successful introduction of driverless vehicles onto Australian roads”

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What is the Australian Driverless Vehicle Initiative?

Australian Driverless Vehicle Initiative GM media China

Self-driving vehicles will make driving easier, allow people to be more productive and offer greater mobility to a wider range of people than ever before. They will also help improve road safety, reduce emissions, and ease congestion. As a result, self-driving vehicles will provide significant economic, environmental and social benefits, including improving social inclusion.

The key thrust of ARRB’s Driverless Vehicle Initiative is to build momentum by rapidly exploring the impacts and requirements of this new technology in a truly Australian context and making recommendations on ways to safely and successfully bring self-driving vehicles to Australian roads.

To do this ARRB will raise public awareness through live demonstrations involving government, industry, research entities and the media. The intention is to provide an avenue to showcase the involvement and contributions of collaborating partners involved in this important initiative.

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How will it happen?

As a cooperative of its members, ARRB will work with government, industry and academia to investigate and ultimately identify options and outcomes to help inform the development of robust national policy, legislation, regulation, facilities and operational processes to bring self-driving vehicles safely to Australian roads.

A staged program of activity is planned, which will deliver valuable outcomes within agreed timeframes. The major process is as follows:

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Timeline for development of highly and fully automated vehicles

To view a bigger version of this timeline, please click here

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Australian Driverless Vehicle Initiative Prospectus 2015

Download the driverless vehicles prospectus for collaboration to establish infrastructure needs and benefits.

Download: ADVI Prospectus

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The Partnership

The following partners will be involved in the initiative:

  1. Lead agency / program evaluator (ARRB)
  2. Government host and facilitator
  3. Vehicle technology partners (car and truck)
  4. Communications partner
  5. Underwriting agency partner
  6. Legal advisory partner
  7. Media facilitators
  8. Australian research partners
  9. International research partners
  10. Industry associations

To be included within the ADVI partnership, organisations must be strong advocates for positive change and be willing to provide valuable in-kind contributions to assist with achieving a successful outcome.

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Expression of Interest

ARRB is currently working to transition Australia to a driverless vehicle future. To join ARRB on this revolutionary journey, please write to:

The Managing Director
ARRB Group Ltd
500 Burwood Highway
Vermont South VIC 3133

Contact Us

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Readiness for Self-driving Vehicles in Australia – Driverless Vehicle Roundtable

The Driverless Vehicle Roundtable was held in Sydney on 22 October 2014 at the 26th ARRB Conference where senior executives from government, industry, peak bodies, universities and other relevant organisations attended to discuss what steps are needed to enable the effective introduction of self-driving vehicles into Australia.

The Roundtable event was highly successful in bringing decision makers together from a range of different backgrounds to promote open, high-level and positive discussion on the topic.

The Workshop Report - Readiness for Self-driving Vehicles in Australia collates the points raised at the Driverless Vehicle Roundtable and provides some analysis of the considerable task in hand to ready Australia for self-driving vehicles so as to take full advantage of the many benefits.

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Summary of Levels of Driving Automation for On-Road Vehicles

The infographic describes the different stages of autonomous vehicles as we progress to full automation.

Download: Summary of Levels of Automation

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ADVI Media and News

You can access all ADVI media and news here

ADVI Demonstrations | 7 November 2015 | Adelaide, South Australia

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