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ARRB is the leader in roads and transport knowledge transfer. As Australia’s independent national transport research organisation, we have in-house expertise in all facets of the roads and transport industry, and we can share that knowledge with you and your organisation.

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The Best Practise Guides have been specifically developed to assist Local Government in the management of their road and bridge assets. They are a fantastic tool to help those early on in their career to learn about these topics. For more experienced practitioners, they are great resources that draw together many sources of information and will help them be more efficient and effective in their roles. Furthermore, the guides have now been developed into an online e-Workshop which will be available to purchase throughout Australia. Each guide will have their own specific content, in which our key presenters will guide you through each module, explaining and showing you the content and their details. Our presenters will also be providing an online live question & answer session to help you get the most out of the e-Workshops, as well as answer any questions or queries you have in relation to the guide. This e-Workshop will be an interactive session to help you further grow your knowledge on each or all Best Practice Guides.

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Level 1 Bridge Inspection e-Workshop

April e-Workshop SOLD OUT!

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Bridges and other structures are crucial asset elements of the infrastructure network. It is essential that their condition is monitored, and repairs are planned and completed in an efficient and timely manner. The systematic inspection and monitoring of these assets are vital components to managing the life cycle of these structures. This 1-day e-Workshop will assist participants to develop the knowledge and skills to conduct Level 1 Inspections in accordance with industry best practice. 

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Basic Geometric Road
Design e-Workshop


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The purpose of this e-workshop will provide an understanding of basic geometric road design. This also includes considerations of, the Safe System approach to road safety, extended design domain and whole-of-life costs. 

Good road design will achieve operational efficiency, be safe and cost-effective, be aesthetically pleasing, and minimise the environmental impact. The role of the road designer is to produce the most appropriate design that achieves the specified functionality using the design inputs from all relevant disciplines. 

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ARRB iMPACT is proud to present a series of short videos covering the basics of pavements.

Host Michael Caltabiano is joined by ARRB pavement discipline lead, Dr Michael Moffatt, to discuss Pavements 101.

Topics include "What is a pavement?", "How are they designed?", "Why roads fail", and "The new and innovative materials being used to make our roads stronger, and last longer."


What is a Pavement?

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In this video, Dr Michael Moffatt explains the basics of pavements and what goes into making our roads, including the most common materials used to build them. Hosted by ARRB Chief Executive Officer, Michael Caltabiano.

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Road Design 101
Online Self-Paced Course


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This course introduces the context, concepts and principles underlying the practice of designing roads in Australia, New Zealand and other developed countries -
how to provide a safe and more efficient
road network for all road users.

The training consists of 5 topics; including a video
to watch, reading and quizzes

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Smart Pavements Now
Online Learning

The Smart Pavements Now masterclass series showcased ARRB’s expertise in the pavement space.

Several of the masterclasses and workshops have been recorded on video, and soon will be available for purchase.

You’ll find masterclasses on:

- Recycled Materials
- Binder Characterisation
- Skid Resistance
- Intelligent Compaction
- Sustainability
- Asset Management

Plus, you can view for FREE all three plenary sessions on Smart Materials and Design, Asset Measurement Devices, and Sustainability and Safety.

These video's will soon be loaded onto our new learning portal. Stay tuned for more details.

Get in touch with our team to learn more about ARRB iMPACT and what we can do for you.