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Introducing the brilliant researchers making ground-breaking impact on the roads and transport sector

by Australian Road Research Board on June 30, 2017

On the 21 July 2017 at the Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium we are gathering to celebrate the best of the best of our industry. Finalists are:

Lifetime Research, Development & Implementation Award Category

•    Associate Professor Stuart Newstead, Deputy Director of Monash University Accident Research Centre
•    Dr Barry Watson, Global Road Safety Consultant & Adjunct Professor at CARRS-Q
•    Professor David Hensher, Professor of Management at the University of Sydney Business School and Founding Director of the Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies
•    Dr Rahmi Akcelik, Director of Akcelik & Associates Pty Ltd (trading as SIDRA SOLUTIONS)
•    Dr Ahmad Shayan, Chief Research Scientist (Concrete Materials) at ARRB
•    Geoff Jameson, Chief Research Scientist (Pavement Technology) at ARRB

Implementing Agency Applied Research Award Category

•    Simon Harrison (Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads - QDTMR) for the High Risk Roads process, initiated by QDTMR
•    Gerhard van Blerk (New Zealand Transport Agency - NZTA) for the ‘Hi-Lab” construction technique, initiated by NZTA
•    Dr Michael Moffatt (ARRB) for investigating the Influence of multiple axles on pavement design, initiated by Austroads

Research Impact Award

•    John Catchpole (ARRB) for ‘Evaluation of the Victorian Enhanced Graduated Licensing System (GLS)’
•    Professor Graham Currie & Dr Alexa Delbosc (Monash Institute of Transport Studies) for ‘A Global Shift in Public Transport Revenue Compliance Using Cross Disciplinary Research in engineering, Psychology and Operations’
•    Dr Sara Moridpour (RMIT University) for ‘Traffic Management: Signal Coordination vs Heavy Vehicle Restriction’
•    Dr Robert Urquhart (ARRB) for 'Bituminous Binder properties and resolution to the concerns on segregation-susceptible binders'
•    Dr Didier Bodin (ARRB) & Graeme Newman (VicRoads) for 'application of the wheel tracker to determine the suitability of marginal granular materials for VicRoads’ application'

New Research Talent Award

Female finalists:
•    Dr Farhana Naznin, Research Fellow at Monash University: Institute of Transport Studies
•    Melissa Dias, Engineer (Pavements & Surfacings) at ARRB
•    Phuong Chau, Graduate Engineer (Safe Systems) at ARRB
Male finalists:
•    Dr Reza Mohajerpoor, Engineer (Network Operations & Management) at ARRB
•    Arooran Sounthararajah, PhD Candidate at Monash University - Dept of Civil Engineering
•    Andrew Beecroft, Professional Engineer (Pavement Technology) at ARRB

Knowledge Transfer Commitment Award

This award category was open to ARRB only in 2017
•    Paul Hillier, National Technical Leader (Incident Investigations & Reviews) at ARRB
•    Jerome Carslake, Manager of National Road Safety Partnership Program (NRSPP) at ARRB
•    Jon Roberts, Principal Research Engineer (Asset Management) at ARRB

If you’re as intrigued as we are to know the winners, make sure you book your tickets today - only limited places still available.

Click here to reserve your seat today

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