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28th International ARRB Conference 2018 | 29 April - 2 May


Let the games begin!

Written by : Australian Road Research Board

On Wednesday the 6th of September 2017, ARRB hosted the first of a five-part series of innovation games. Aptly named Food for Thought, the purpose of the sessions is to nourish minds, float ideas, pass on some new thinking or simply seek the advice of colleagues.

Run under the patronages of ARRB’s Research Office and held fortnightly, Food for Thought is open to all topics which add depth and currency to ARRB’s strategic direction and projects. The meetings are entirely staff-driven and will draw on other ‘ARRBarians’, clients and external speakers.


CEO, Michael Caltabiano, kicks off the first Food for Thought session.

The concept was introduced by ARRB’s own Chris Jurewicz, who says the ‘Innovation Games will stimulate ARRB’s innovation culture over five sessions. The Games will equip those new to the subject with mindsets, methodologies and tools to innovate towards ARRBs strategic position of eminence in road transport research. The Games will provide a safe, exploratory and playful environment to get your creative juices flowing with like-minded friends’.


Chris Jurewicz encouraging discussion and getting staff members' creative juices flowing
Staff members are keen to share their thoughts and ideas with their colleagues and peers.

We are exploring the possibility of opening the games up to colleagues outside of ARRB.

Interested in learning more about the games or getting involved? Please write to us: training@arrb.com.au

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