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Media Release - Former RMS Chief Executive joins ARRB Group as Chairman

by Australian Road Research Board on August 26, 2016

Media Release 26 August 2016

Former RMS Chief Executive joins ARRB Group as Chairman

Australia’s leading independent road research body, ARRB Group (formerly the Australian Road Research Board), has today announced the appointment of former NSW Roads and Maritime Services Chief Executive, Peter Duncan, as the new Chairman of its Board of Directors.

The appointment finalised by ARRB’s Board of Directors on 24th August, will see Peter Duncan take on the role from outgoing Chairman Garry Liddle, with the help of a new look Board which has committed to a renewed focus on driving innovation and collaboration within the organisation and with industry partners.

“It is a privilege to be appointed Chairman of the Board for ARRB Group,” Peter said. “My relationship with ARRB goes back to the early 1980’s, collaborating with some of the country’s top researchers in the area of road safety. Since then I have seen first-hand, the organisation go from strength to strength, expanding its research and technological capabilities providing value to partners in the local and international transport community.”
“We have already commenced planning a future direction for ARRB and will look to implement collaborative strategies inclusive of ARRB staff and stakeholders.
“Collaboration really goes to the heart of ARRB as an organisation and the principle that research can only deliver its true value when adopted into practice. By academia, government and private sectors working together, we can ensure ARRB’s world class research is quickly applied and adopted in the real-world.”

Outgoing ARRB Board Chairman, Gary Liddle, thanked his fellow Board members. “Congratulations to Peter Duncan and I wish him and the Board all the best for the coming years and look forward to seeing the organisation continue to influence and accelerate the progress in road research through what is the most challenging and promising period of change in the history of transportation,” Gary Liddle said.

“ARRB’s greatest asset is its people, from the brilliant research minds and technologists to the strategic administrators and leaders, and it has been a real privilege to work with each and every one of them.”

“ARRB’s endeavours in the autonomous vehicle space and intelligent transport systems are testament to the organisation’s ability to evolve and it remains one of the few agencies globally equipped to bring together researchers, technical experts, governments, and industry from around the world to deliver major projects in Australia’s public interest,” Gary said.

The Board recently made additional appointments to coincide with Mr Duncan’s appointment. New board members include:

  • Michael Caltabiano, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Asphalt Pavement Association
  • Kevin Reid, National Manager Network Outcomes Highways and Network Operations, New Zealand Transport Authority
  • Stephen Troughton, Deputy Secretary Infrastructure and Services, Transport for NSW.

– ENDS –

ARRB (formerly the Australian Road Research Board) is a leading expert globally in road
transport research and technology. For the last 55 years it has been helping transport, road and infrastructure bodies to identify and adopt best practices for developing and maintaining safe and sustainable roads.

For more information, images or to speak with an ARRB spokesperson, please contact Georgia Harrison at Keep Left: georgia@keepleft.com.au | 03 9268 7800 | 0423 617 372

About Peter Duncan
Peter Duncan recently completed a five year term as the Chief Executive of Roads and Maritime Services in NSW. He has a background in Infrastructure, Transport Planning and Management, Natural Resources, Commercial, Leisure and Event Management. He has led three other organisations in Government - the Department of Services, Technology and Administration, Forests NSW (a Public Trading Enterprise), and Centennial Parklands (a Government Trust). Peter was also previously Deputy Director General of the Department of Premier & Cabinet, and Director, Estate Management for the Olympic Coordination Authority. Mr Duncan’s current appointments include Chairman of Austroads, Chairman of Australian Road Research Board (ARRB Group) and Roads Australia board member.