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Attending Unsealed Roads Workshop – Gains for professionals and young professionals alike

Written by : Australian Road Research Board

In July, 24 delegates from various Local Government authorities and private industries attended the Unsealed Roads Workshop held in the Yarra Ranges. Presented by ARRB’s Jon Roberts, it involved two days of training and knowledge sharing.

Stephanie Davy and Jun Yan Lu, both young professionals and engineers from ARRB, shared their thoughts on the experience:

“It was a fantastic opportunity to interact with some very experienced people. I enjoyed getting out of the office to gain practical experience and an appreciation of the real world considerations that go into road design and maintenance decisions”, says Stephanie.

For Jun it was a confidence boost for understanding not just of unsealed roads, but road lifecycle management in general: “Prior to joining ARRB, I had three years of experience within Local Government in Asset Management. Speaking on behalf of the Local Government audience, I cannot stress the value of this workshop for network managers, asset engineers and asset information analysts. I would also recommend the course to field staff and young professionals from a range of fields.”

The course material has been updated this year to provide a more logical progression in knowledge delivery, while being supported by practical field investigations such as Dynamic Cone Penetration (DCP), road curve design and visual inspections.

Other topics covered included:

  • The design components relating to unsealed and sealed roads;
  • Best practice in design and field application;
  • Failure modes, failure causes and how to identify road conditions in the field;
  • Treatment solutions;
  • Valuable knowledge resources to provide benchmark guides to unsealed road management; and
  • Applying learnings in a practical field environment.

Both Jun and Stephanie agreed that Jon Roberts was engaging and practical in his presentation delivery, tailoring the content to make it relevant and useful to attendees.

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