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What’s news with bituminous binders?

Written by : Australian Road Research Board

The ‘Austroads Guide to Pavement Technology – Part 4F: Bituminous Binders’ is an essential reference document which provides a description of the types and uses of the varieties of bituminous binders, which are used in road construction in Australia and New Zealand. 

As the first update since 2008, the new and extensively revised edition now reflects current best practices used with multiple binder types as well as current specification requirements. A collaborative effort between ARRB’s in-house experts Dr Young Choi and Dr Robert Urquhart – input was also sourced from leading jurisdictional experts Steve Halligan of MRWA and John Esnouf of VicRoads, together with independent consultant John Rebbechi; and finally from highly regarded binder suppliers Stuart Dack of Puma Energy and Nigel Preston of Viva Energy.

Key improvements of the Austroads Guide include revisions to the safety and environmental components reflective of modern legislative requirements. Significant expansion of the sections regarding cutback bitumens, polymer modified binders (PMBs) and bitumen emulsions has also been undertaken to accurately reflect the research conducted in this space.  Other noteworthy inclusions are the major outcomes of ground-breaking ARRB/Austroads research projects into new performance-based tests for PMBs and alternative binders to bitumen, as well as recycled asphalt pavements (RAP) and finally, the successful introduction of Enrobés à Module Élevé (EME) binders into the Australian market.

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