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ARRB Webinar Series: Paving our way to a Sustainable and Resilient Future

ARRB Impact AirEvents Headers - PAVING OPUR WAY

September 9th, 2020

Join us for this webinar series – Paving our way to a Sustainable and Resilient Future

Sources of new or ‘virgin’ construction materials are depleting and waste stockpiles are increasing. Are you aware of the promising opportunity for the use of recycled materials for road infrastructures? How far have we come in developing these materials and what are the environmental considerations?

For over 30 years ARRB has led Australia’s research and development in the use of recycled and alternative materials in road pavements. We have worked with state and local government and the private sector to run trials and enable the widespread use of recycled materials including crumb rubber, plastics, glass, reclaimed asphalt pavement and crushed construction and demolition waste.

Collaboratively we are paving a greener future for Australia’s infrastructure.

The series of webinars prepared by the ARRB Sustainability and Resilience experts will provide a broad range of in-depth knowledge and discussion opportunities for practitioners, researchers and industry partners in the context of local circular economy.

What are the topics?

Webinar 1

September 9th, 9.00am

Recycled materials in road infrastructure – the state of play
Presenters: Dr Jenny Trochez and Dr James Grenfell

Recycled and sustainable materials are currently a major focus in our society and in the roads industry as the natural sources for pavement materials are progressively becoming a scarce resource. This webinar provides a snapshot of the recycled/sustainable materials in pavement projects we are currently working on. It also gives future thoughts and considerations as we move towards a circular economy and increase the use of recycled waste materials in our roads.

Webinar 2

September 9th, 11.00am 

How the ban on exporting waste will lead to more sustainable transport infrastructure for Australia
Presenters: Katie Gurrie and Dr James Grenfell

China’s ban on foreign waste in 2018, was a wake-up call for all Australians to take responsibility for our own waste and transition to a cleaner economy.  For example, with Victoria set to deliver over 100 major road and rail projects, there is now great demand for innovation and research into recycled materials that at least meet existing road and rail material standards.  So how far have we come in developing these materials and what are the environmental considerations?

Webinar 3

September 9th, 1.00pm 

Win-win-win: Recycled pavement materials that deliver sustainable, economic and circular economy goals
Presenters: Brook Hall and Georgia O'Connor

In the face of rising waste stockpiles and diminishing virgin material supplies, governments, industry and the community are calling for the increased use of recycled materials in roads, less waste and a move towards a sustainable circular economy.

In this webinar ARRB’s economists and sustainability experts will describe how using lifecycle assessment approaches can inform smart procurement decision making that enables:

  • improved long-term investment decisions
  • emissions reductions
  • cost savings
  • improved infrastructure performance
  • reduced landfill
  • innovation in road construction and recycling industries.

Webinar 4

September 9th, 3.00pm 

Preparing and conducting environmental assessments, management plans and audits across road infrastructure projects. 
Presenter: Katie Gurrie 

In March 2020 ARRB published a suite of Best Practice Guides for Local Governments.  These Best Practice Guides will support national and international best practice in procurement, design and management of materials for road construction, sealed & unsealed roads and for structures such as bridges.  This webinar will present an important element within these Guides - ensuring environmental impacts are considered throughout the planning, design, construction and maintenance of road infrastructure projects.  Effective environmental site assessments and audits will assist in identifying and managing environmental impacts.

Duration: 4 x 1 hour webinars (4 hours in total)


Register now

Download the brochure for more information.

Join us for this ARRB webinar series,

Participants please note – this session will run on Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEST). There may be time zone differences that apply. It is recommended that you connect to the webinar 15 minutes prior to allow sufficient time for potential connection delays. It is also important that you check the system requirements for the webinar in advance of the session.

View System Requirements 

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

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