Our CEO and Vision


The global transport sector is already building smart connected roads that can communicate with vehicles and drivers about safety hazards while generating clean power to fuel our cities. At ARRB we are bringing that practical knowledge to Australia and New Zealand as we prepare for a connected future.


Michael Caltabiano


Michael Caltabiano is currently the Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Road Research Board. He has over 25 years’ experience in the transport industry with previous positions placing him in charge of the Australian Asphalt Pavement Association AAPA and as the director-general of the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads. He has extensive knowledge not only from an Engineers viewpoint but from a change management perspective too and is leading the charge in shaping our transport future.

Our Vision

To help make the world’s cities smarter, cleaner, greener, safer, more efficient and productive through intelligent transport solutions.


The Australian Road Research Board (ARRB) is the source of independent expert transport knowledge, advising key decision makers on our nation's most important challenges. When it comes to all aspects of roads and transport, ARRB is the leading provider of value-added applied research and technical services. We’ve been doing it since 1960.

ARRB prides itself on providing a total service to our clients, both in Australia and overseas. Our mission is firmly focussed on creating knowledge for tomorrow's transport challenges and solutions for today.

We are your National Transport Research Organisation.

At ARRB we offer countless solutions for your transportation needs. Contact us for more information.

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