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ARRB has a seat at the world’s biggest table – the United Nations – in leading the fight to reduce road deaths worldwide.
ARRB is a member of the United Nations Road Safety Collaboration (UNRSC), which sets targets for and works towards global road safety goals – especially in reducing road fatalities.



A workshop was held at the 2018 ARRB International Conference in Brisbane to engage with road safety practitioners to identify initiatives which can deliver road safety benefits – quickly (by 2020), and for the long-term (until 2030).

ARRB’s team of senior road safety engineers and human factors researchers are playing a leading role. Michael Tziotis, Lisa Steinmetz, Paul Hillier, Dr Anna Chevalier and Chris Jurewicz facilitated the workshop. The workshop findings have been collated and sent to the UNRSC.

Among the key strategies presented for the UNRSC’s consideration are:

  • Consistent speed limits supported by road environment and infrastructure
  • Deterrents to using mobile phones and wider inclusion of mobile phone safety systems in cars
  • Use transport and urban planning to promote car-free city centres
  • Review design standards and speed and infrastructure upgrades to ensure more than 95% of travel takes place on the safest roads
  • Provide separate cycle paths to take cyclists out of the general traffic stream
  • Initiatives to encourage purchase of safest vehicles
  • Road safety education initiatives

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