Our transport safety team has experience across all areas of road safety, including policy and strategy development, road design and traffic engineering, road user behaviour and education, crash investigation, and heavy vehicles. 


__David McTiernan

David McTiernan
GDipTrans&Traf, GDipMgt, BEng (Civil)
State Technical Leader NSW, National Leader
Transport Safety

M: +61 404 014 636


National Leader, Transport Safety

David is a civil engineer with over 27 years experience working for local government and ARRB in road design/traffic/road safety.  He holds a Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering (Hons), Grad. Dip Technology Management, and Grad. Dip. In Transport and Traffic. He led ARRB’s NSW Transport Safety Team for over 12 years delivering projects for state and local road agencies, as well as private motorway operators and Australian and Overseas clients operating in the mining sector.  As the National Leader Transport Safety, David is focused on delivering knowledge to policy makers about transport safety issues and ensuring that practitioners have the necessary knowledge, skills and expertise to understand how safer road infrastructure can contribute to the national vision for zero death a serious injury on our roads.



__Paul Hillier

Paul Hillier
BEng (Civil)
Principal Technology Leader, Transport Safety
M:+61 416 120 478


Principal Technology Leader –
Transport Safety

Paul has over 30 years’ experience in road system safety and network management in both the public and private sectors, including a decade within local government. He joined ARRB in July 2005 under a formal collaboration with TRL UK and since that date has been assigned various management and senior technical roles. Paul’s breadth of practical experience in road safety related risk and network management issues enables him to apply a holistic approach to problems and their solutions, including reviews of strategy, policy and practice, as well as in the development of local and national guidelines and standards. Paul is a highly regarded project leader and well-known speaker and trainer, delivering a range of presentations, workshops and webinars. He is also a passionate mentor of young professionals. His technical and training experience covers a number of countries, especially within SE Asia, and is across public and private sectors, including for NGOs, International Development Banks and a range of ‘blue-chip’ companies.


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