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To create knowledgeable, innovative & impactful mobility solutions for our community through the intellect, experience & integrity of our people.



An Integrated Mobility Future which is safe, sustainable and a driver of economic well-being.



ARRB is the National Transport Research Organisation and exists to be the trusted partner for Government and
Industry alike on the journey to an integrated, mobility enabled future.

ARRB has delivered 60 years of continuous service to the road and transport sectors of Australia and New Zealand. We
are the source of independent, reliable and robust guidance on the delivery of next generation infrastructure to serve the
mobility needs of our community.

ARRB has connections across UK, Europe, USA, Asia and China giving access to vast amounts of new knowledge.
Using this with our own new knowledge and established expertise, we will forge the mobility future that all
Australians and New Zealanders desire.

As we transition to a mobility-based society, the nature of the supporting transport infrastructure must change together with the attitudes to using this resource. ARRB has a clear role of partnering with its shareholders at Local, State and Federal Government levels to provide timely, accurate and impactful means of achieving their objectives. We also give trusted and rigorous advice on future issues impacting transport systems and users.



ARRB has teams of people across six Strategic Work Groups (SWG’s) that enable smart decision making and collaborative problem solving.

ICONInfrastructure MeasurementInfrastructure

ICONNational Centre for Transport etc.National Centre for Transport Certification & Training

ICONSafer Smart InfrastructureSafer Smarter

ICONAsset PerformanceAsset

ICONMobility FutureMobility

ICONSustainability & Material PerformanceSustainability &
Material Performance

These groups work in an integrated, multi-disciplinary way that reflects the complexity of the world we live in and of its
mobility demands.

ARRB also has a world-leading materials laboratory, a fleet of unique infrastructure measurement vehicles - such as
the Intelligent Pavement Assessment Vehicle iPAVe - and the National Transport Performance Centre, that provides access to, and visualisation of, ARRB’s data lake of transport information. Our National Centre for Road and Transport Certification (ARRB Certification) will ensure greater uptake of innovations into mobility systems.



Infrastructure Sustainability and Resilience

Every Australian, every day, is reliant on the transport system. Community demands on the system are changing rapidly and constantly. The system’s sustainability and resilience has never been more important to ensure its long-term viability and level of service offering. Moving to integrated mobility solutions will bring constant opportunities for improvement.

Enabling the transport and mobility systems to function in a different way, with people at the centre, requires a new set of tools to solve these mobility challenges.

ARRB is a proactive partner for government and industry to develop solutions and a new tool kit for the future, including:

  • Developing specifications and standards to increase the use of reclaimed and recycled materials in transport infrastructure.
  • Enhancing the life of existing infrastructure using improved and innovative materials.
  • Defining smarter and more effective use of preventative maintenance in an ever-changing natural environment.
  • Incorporation of “big data” as a standard feature in problem solving through the ARRB National Transport Performance Centre.
  • Planning for the adaptation of transport infrastructure in a connected and automated world that focusses on safer human journeys.
  • Identifying construction technologies and techniques that deliver quality, reliable and 100% recyclable roads and infrastructure.
  • Transitioning existing infrastructure to be ready for an integrated mobility future.

Safer Roads and Infrastructure

User-centric and safe mobility will be a lens through which all new infrastructure and the maintenance of current transport infrastructure will be assessed. A “safe system” approach will lead to the development of new and innovative ways of delivering smarter, better and more efficient use of precious resources that deliver better, safer outcomes for
the community.

User culture, behaviours and decision-making in a new transport and mobility system must be addressed. Using human factors, transport systems must be shaped around the users and their needs. A new partnership will emerge between smarter, safer and interactive infrastructure and the people who use it.

All ARRB staff within the established strategic work groups are working to assist the development of safer transport and mobility systems in Australia and New Zealand by:

  • Enhancing the effectiveness of safer road and infrastructure options for all members of the community in a future where integrated mobility is the norm.
  • Developing the testing regimes for new and innovative materials and technologies that have safe system benefits for road and transport infrastructure and transport users.
  • Establishing a new human centred approach to users of our transport and mobility corridors.
  • Developing campaigns for all communities that engage and shape future behaviours supporting safer transport infrastructure development, maintenance and use.
  • Enhancing the safety of road workers and road users through the development and focus on utilising a digital environment to move people out of harm’s way, new construction techniques, automation, new material science and the formalisation of training, certification and pre-qualification.

Value for Money

ARRB’s shareholders are custodians of vast amounts of taxpayer and ratepayer funds. At the forefront of everything ARRB does is the need to ensure that the taxpayers and ratepayers are getting value for money in their safe and sustainable transport systems. This includes:

  • Providing our shareholders with the means to optimise the return on investment on capital and maintenance expenditure through reliable and repeatable analysis of infrastructure condition.
  • Finding cost-effective design methods for marginal, innovative and traditional pavement materials.
  • Analysis of the effectiveness of safety-focused and traffic flow-focused infrastructure treatments and their real implementation costs.
  • Examining options for innovative polices related to value capture and value generation that are unique to the
    new mobility future.

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Over the past 60 years ARRB has been at the forefront of research and innovation. We are an organisation that always strives to be easy to work with and as a staff we add value to the question being asked. ARRB will exceed our shareholders’ expectations by producing great outcomes that are timely, impactful, and delivered with unquestioning integrity. To do so, we embrace their vision and will be their natural partner from start to finish.

Our values are central to everything our staff do. They define who we are, how we behave and how we contribute to the development and growth of Australia and New Zealand.

In an ever-changing world with technology reshaping the transport system every day, ARRB’s diverse and talented staff will help to make safe, integrated mobility a reality. Our interactions with each other and colleagues around the world will inform the safe and sustainable mobility solutions for tomorrow’s economy and society.

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