Strategic Plan & Annual Report

Inspiring. Connecting. Delivering. 


Creating knowledge for tomorrow's transport challenges and solutions for today.



To help make the world's cities smarter, cleaner, greener, safer, more efficient and productive through intelligent transport solutions.



Achieving outcomes through planned action. 



Harnessing the value of transformative technology.

  • Predict the advantages of disruptive technology
  • Utilise technology to meet growing community needs and aspirations
  • Use big data to simplify complex decision making



Adaptive and affordable infrastructure for future generations.
  • Improve resilience to deliver beneficial community outcomes
  • Systems designed for people to improve access and journey experience
  • Right infrastructure choices for the community at the right price


Collaboration and People

Building multi disciplinary teams with highly evolved skills.
  • Sourcing best practice solutions to address transport challenges to serve our members
  • Efficient and timely delivery of cost-effective business solutions and communicating the complex in a simple and visual way
  • Enshrining world’s best practice in all that ARRB does


Resilience and Security

Derive a new understanding of the future transport challenges in a changing world.
  • Optimising recovery and rehabilitation models for the transport system
  • Deliver an improved and informed understanding of security challenges that face the network
  • Embed a safe system approach to transport solutions


Delivering excellence through teamwork

ARRB has a core set of values that all our staff adhere to:



Change enlivens us - we are continuously looking to improve the world around us, moving forward and innovating. The mobility solutions of the future will require adaptable skills, technologies and ideas.



Collaboration amplifies us - we communicate openly and constructively to deliver world-class research because our people work together and with partnering organisations and clients.


Energy & Passion

Enthusiasm defines us - we have a passion for good ideas (big and small), for expertise and for helping each other out. Positive energy is created by loving what we do, creating fun and having a ”can and will do” attitude.



Honesty is our byword; we offer independent, impartial research and service, and communicate clearly, honestly and respectfully with each other and we do what is right for our clients, our staff, our industry and our community.

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ARRB Annual Report 2019-20

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ARRB Annual Report 2018-19

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ARRB Annual Report 2017-18

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