Transport Economics


Making it count

The transport economics team works with engineers, scientists and other transport professionals to undertake both research and consulting projects focusing on the following:
  • transport demand modelling and forecasting
  • project evaluation and risk assessment
  • road pricing and the cost of congestion
  • freight and logistics analysis
  • transport policy analysis and integrated planning
  • transport externalities analysis related to environmental, social and safety aspects.

Our economics team is experienced in areas including:

  • economic evaluation of transport infrastructure and services projects/programs and strategies
  • road pricing principles and analysis
  • inter-modal issues, relative costs, market shares and competition pricing analysis
  • transport and environmental policy analysis
  • transport infrastructure financing and pricing
  • transport energy demand analysis
  • freight demand modelling and forecasting
  • road transport planning and policy
  • development of tools and techniques to provide solutions to a range of transport issues.

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