Transport Safety 

Improving Road Safety

ARRB is a recognised leader in developing and researching strategies to make our roads safer – both now and into the future.

ARRB works together with road agencies to implement the vision’s aim of no death and serious injury on Australian and New Zealand road networks.

Our Transport Safety team has experience in most road safety areas including:

  • policy and strategy development
  • road design and traffic engineering
  • road user behaviour and education
  • enforcement
  • fatigue monitoring and management
  • vulnerable road users
  • vehicle safety
  • heavy vehicles including vehicle dynamics
  • collision and incident investigation

ARRB is a recognised leader in the development of the Safe Systems vision for road transport. The Safe Systems approach involves a holistic view of the road transport system and the interactions among roads and roadsides, travel speeds, vehicles and road users. It is an inclusive approach that caters for all groups using the road system, including drivers, motorcyclists, passengers, pedestrians, cyclists, and commercial and heavy vehicle drivers.

The Safe Systems approach recognises that people will always make mistakes and may have road crashes—but the system should be forgiving and those crashes should not result in death or serious injury.

ARRB has clients worldwide including China, Thailand, India, USA, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates and Malaysia.

In Australia, ARRB’s transport safety clients include federal and state road authorities, public transport agencies, vehicle insurers, the mining industry, transport companies and local governments.

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ARRB plays world leading role in reducing road fatalities

ARRB has a seat at the world’s biggest table – the United Nations – in leading the fight to reduce road deaths worldwide.

ARRB is a member of the United Nations Road Safety Collaboration (UNRSC), which sets targets for and works towards global road safety goals – especially in reducing road fatalities.

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