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Assessing Road Safety Risk on Road Networks

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Course overview

This training program/workshop introduces Infrastructure Risk Assessments, which provide a network-level view of road safety. It provides an overview of the models, processes and application of infrastructure risk assessments and is aimed at road safety managers, asset managers, specialists and investment and infrastructure planners.

From a broad summary of the road safety problem across Australia to the basics of risk management and the benefits of investing in road safety through the lens of policy and business cases, the course provides an overview of the main risk assessment models used across Australia including:

  • Australian Risk Assessment Program (AusRAP) Star Ratings,
  • Australian National Risk Assessment Model (ANRAM) and
  • Austroads Network Design for Road Safety (Stereotypes for Cross-sections and Intersections).

It covers the best use for each model and gives foundational understandings of the ANRAM Fatal and Serious Injury (FSI) crash estimates and user-defined investment plans. Austroads Network Design for Road Safety (Stereotypes for Cross-sections and Intersections), which adopt simplified AusRAP and ANRAM assessments, is also highlighted.

Lastly, the workshop focusses on how to use the models to support Federal Funding applications, which increasingly require an AusRAP or ANRAM assessment. Case studies of success from across Australia showcase the improvement in safety that has been achieved.

Level: Intermediate


Delivery method:
In person/online



Event contact

  +61 3 9881 1555

Meet the speakers




Emily McLean

Principal Professional, Safer Smarter Infrastructure
__David McTiernan


David McTiernan

National Leader Transport Safety, Safer Smarter Infrastructure


Noha Elazar

Principal Professional, Safer Smarter Infrastructure 


Joseph Affum

Principal Professional Leader, Safer Smarter Infrastructure
  • Learning outcomes
  • Target Audience

Learning outcomes

LO1 Understand the differences and similarities between the network risk assessment models typically applied in Australia.

LO2 Understand what makes up network risk assessment models applied in Australia including coverage and limitations.

LO3 Understand how to mitigate risk across a network using infrastructure risk assessments.

LO4 Understand how to apply the outcomes from a Safe System Assessment to improve road safety outcomes and performance of road designs.

LO5 Knowledge of the tools available to support infrastructure risk assessments.

Target Audience

Road and Transport Owner and Managing Agencies

  • Traffic, Transport and Road Safety roles
  • Portfolio Directors, Policy and Budget roles
  • Asset Management and Planning roles
  • Project Evaluation and Governance roles
  • Construction Management roles
  • Road Safety Grants Evaluation roles
  • Federal, State and Local Government

Contractors, Developers and Consultants

  • Traffic and Transport specialists
  • Asset Managers and Specialists
  • Construction and Project Manager roles
  • Development Planning roles
  • Designer and Planning roles