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Australian Road Research Board

Recent Posts

Benchmarking ARRB's National Interest Services program internationally

Managed by the Australian Road Research Board (ARRB), the National Interest...

Minimum physical infrastructure standard for operation of automated driving

ARRB is embarking on an exciting new project for Austroads to ready...

Report reveals facts about COVID-19 lockdown road crashes

The national COVID-19 lockdown from March to August did not proportionally...

Data sheds new light on COVID-19 effects

COVID-19 restrictions and shutdowns have had a significant effect on...

Podcasts from ARRB on road research

Looking for a quick learning and knowledge fix on the drive to work, or...

Case study - Accelerated Long-term Ageing Methods for Sprayed Sealing Binders



Using data to improve pavement rehab treatment design

ARRB research has powered an Austroads report investigating more...

Roads that cars can read - are we CAV ready?


NSW Dangerous Goods Movement Study

Transport for NSW (TfNSW) has commissioned the Australian Road Research...

Using passenger tyres in bitumen

Using more end-of-life tyres in road construction is a known way to curb a...

Merging binder grades offers benefits: report

Lower costs and simpler specifications for building roads could be the...

Driver distraction more serious than you think

Distracted driving has been found to be at least as dangerous as drink...

EME2 Asphalt technology transfer



Research focuses on the well-worn path

For nearly a quarter of a century, ARRB’s Dr Tim Martin and Lith...

EastLink Connected and Automated Vehicles Trial


The importance of line markings

New research by ARRB has underlined the importance of harmonising road...

Neil Scales OBE discusses NACoE research & development program with Infrastructure Magazine

Transport and Main Roads Director, Mr Neil Scales OBE, recently spoke to...

23 year research journey successfully completed through monumental report

This month, a new ARRB Research Report on predicting the performance of...

Monumental report nearing completion after 23 years of research

A momentous occasion in ARRB history is about to take place as the result of...