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28th International ARRB Conference 2018 | 29 April - 2 May

Latest Research


23 year research journey successfully completed through monumental report

19-Dec-2017 11:42:58

A momentous occasion in ARRB history is about to take place as the result of over 23 years of..


Switched On Driving - Understanding what your new car can do for you

01-Dec-2017 16:19:54

While present-day vehicles may not yet be “driverless”, the car industry is including a..


Humans and the Machine - Considerations for Operation of Current Market “Automated Vehicles”

27-Nov-2017 16:00:50

With the approaching dawn of driverless vehicles, the automotive industry is readying the..


Updated Guidance on Traffic Studies & Analysis

20-Nov-2017 17:09:37
Earlier this month, Austroads published the revised edition of the Guide to Traffic Management..

New national guidelines for weighing oversize overmass vehicles

14-Nov-2017 16:13:50
Austroads has published draft guidelines for the weighing of oversized and overmass (OSOM)..

Introducing: Road Transport Management Framework and Principles

02-Oct-2017 12:18:53

A recently published Austroads report on Road Transport Management (RTM) Framework and..


Effective organisational approaches to the management of drugs and alcohol among truck drivers

12-Sep-2017 11:53:50

ARRB on behalf of VicRoads is undertaking a review of the effectiveness of organisational..


New Report Released: ‘Techniques for Incident Management to Support Network Operations Planning’

18-Aug-2017 11:24:57

On 26 July 2017 a new Austroads report was published on traffic incident management (TIM). The..

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