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Australian Road Research Board06/02/2024 3:43:58 PM3 min read

Strategic Local Government Asset Assessment Project

Assessment of the existing structures presented unique challenges that necessitate ...
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Australian Road Research Board02/11/2023 4:52:01 PM6 min read

Summer peak electric vehicle charging

Flashback summer 2022/23 – Queues at electric vehicle charging stations
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Australian Road Research Board17/07/2023 10:13:40 AM4 min read

Evaluation of the effectiveness of a compact roundabout design

Reducing travel speeds across the road network has been challenging. The relationship ...
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Australian Road Research Board20/06/2023 12:28:20 PM1 min read

Electric Vehicle Fires in Tunnels – Do We Need to be Concerned?

With the increased uptake of electric vehicles (EVs), the question about their fire risk ...
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Australian Road Research Board03/05/2023 12:44:37 PM< 1 min read

Estimating the environmental impact of EV charging infrastructure

Electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure is a hot topic as the uptake of EVs grows. ...
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Tyrone Toole, Chief Technology Leader, Asset Performance07/11/2022 2:36:52 PM3 min read

Impacts of extreme events on road infrastructure: case studies of proactive and reactive responses

In the first article on this topic, questions were posed on our climate related ...
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Australian Road Research Board03/11/2022 4:58:39 PM2 min read

The Emission Reduction Potential of EVs in Australia

Electric vehicle (EV) adoption is increasing in Australia, as it is in many other parts ...
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Matthew Bereni, ARRB National Director Strategy and Innovation17/10/2022 11:53:30 AM2 min read

Using the power of data to prevent potholes

The stubborn La Niña is expected to last till at least the end of 2022, impacting weather ...
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Dr James Grenfell16/10/2022 12:27:00 PM2 min read

New ways with recycled crushed glass in roads

Waste materials are bad news for local Councils, but they represent an opportunity for ...
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Tyrone Toole, Chief Technology Leader, Asset Performance05/10/2022 12:33:29 PM4 min read

Part 1: Life cycle impacts of climate and extreme events on road infrastructure

Do we understand our climatic challenges, and:
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Australian Road Research Board31/01/2022 11:27:10 AM< 1 min read

Physical infrastructure investment important to support CAVs

Experts say road agencies should focus now on upgrading road signs, traffic signals and ...
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Australian Road Research Board01/12/2021 2:12:35 PM< 1 min read

How we contribute to sustainable roads

Reducing road congestion and emissions have become vital considerations for the future ...
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Dr Elnaz Irannezhad20/09/2021 2:20:33 PM4 min read

Behavioural freight transport modelling

Freight vehicle movements are the result of interactions amongst various agents in the ...
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Australian Road Research Board07/09/2021 9:09:39 AM1 min read

Benchmarking ARRB's National Interest Services program internationally

Managed by the Australian Road Research Board (ARRB), the National Interest Services ...
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Guy Hand04/08/2021 11:05:15 AM2 min read

Recycled roads - a glass half full

Sustainability and better recycling outcomes are now informing Australia’s ongoing “big ...
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Tia Gaffney, Anthony Germanchev and Farhana Naznin01/03/2021 3:42:23 PM2 min read

ARRB puts the spotlight on truck rollovers

In Victoria in 2019, there were approximately 800 crashes involving a heavy vehicle.
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David Green, Senior Technology Leader, Future Transport Systems10/02/2021 3:52:02 PM6 min read

Evolving Pavements

It is not only the construction and maintenance of pavements that is evolving. Pavements ...
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Australian Road Research Board08/02/2021 3:39:02 PM< 1 min read

Minimum physical infrastructure standard for operation of automated driving

ARRB is embarking on an exciting new project for Austroads to ready Australian and New ...
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Dr Charles Karl, Dr Elnaz Irannezhad and Francis Cheong19/01/2021 9:28:37 AM4 min read

Future Transport and Mobility Environment

What should the future transport and mobility environment look like?
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Karen Cogo and Tia Gaffney, ARRB Transport Safety26/11/2020 2:26:24 PM1 min read

Specialist Services for Local Government

ARRB is a recognised leader in the development of the Safe System vision for road ...
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