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David Green, Senior Technology Leader, Future Transport Systems20/11/2020 2:33:19 PM1 min read

Tram signal priority using connected technologies

ARRB in collaboration with VicRoads (Victoria Department of Transport), Yarra Trams, and ...
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Australian Road Research Board11/11/2020 11:00:28 AM1 min read

Report reveals facts about COVID-19 lockdown road crashes

The national COVID-19 lockdown from March to August did not proportionally reduce road ...
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Karen Cogo, Principal Professional Leader, Transport Safety10/11/2020 9:45:00 AM1 min read

New Best Practice Guide for Safer Road Infrastructure for Local Government roads

What can Council do to save people’s lives on our roads?
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Dr Elnaz Irannezhad22/10/2020 4:02:25 PM3 min read

Integration of Blockchain and Internet of Things for transport data digitisation

The Internet of Things (IoT) enables track and traceability through embedded sensors in ...
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Dr Charles Karl, National Discipline Leader – Transport Systems, Future Transport Systems15/10/2020 12:15:20 PM2 min read

Transport and mobility in the future

The public road transport system is characterised by four key elements that work together ...
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Niva Thongkham16/09/2020 1:52:43 PM4 min read

LTPP study drives new Austroads report

One of the most important studies of long-term pavement performance ever undertaken is ...
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Niva Thongkham26/08/2020 2:56:17 PM1 min read

ARRB's Austrack ready to test recycled materials

ARRB’s Austrack is a laboratory-based, extra-large wheel-tracking device which, building ...
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Niva Thongkham24/08/2020 3:59:59 PM1 min read

Development of a National Specification for crumb rubber binders in asphalt and seals

ARRB is currently conducting a 22 month National Specification Project to ascertain ...
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Niva Thongkham12/08/2020 11:01:31 AM1 min read

ALF completes major multi-year study

The Accelerated Loading Facility (ALF) recently completed a major multi-year study into ...
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Niva Thongkham03/07/2020 5:04:05 PM1 min read

TfNSW Dangerous Goods Movement Study nearing completion

The Australian Road Research Board (ARRB) is currently doing a project for Transport for ...
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Guy Hand24/06/2020 10:20:23 AM1 min read

Using waste plastics in roads - ARRB's research

The Australian Road Research Board (ARRB) is at the forefront of research into using ...
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Australian Road Research Board01/04/2020 8:45:06 AM2 min read

Data sheds new light on COVID-19 effects

COVID-19 restrictions and shutdowns have had a significant effect on reducing traffic and ...
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Australian Road Research Board26/02/2020 9:09:50 AM< 1 min read

Podcasts from ARRB on road research

Looking for a quick learning and knowledge fix on the drive to work, or while you are at ...
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Australian Road Research Board19/12/2019 5:10:00 PM6 min read

Case study - Accelerated Long-term Ageing Methods for Sprayed Sealing Binders

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Australian Road Research Board29/10/2019 9:04:41 AM< 1 min read

Using data to improve pavement rehab treatment design

ARRB research has powered an Austroads report investigating more cost-effective ways of ...
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Australian Road Research Board18/10/2019 12:47:01 PM4 min read

Roads that cars can read - are we CAV ready?

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Australian Road Research Board13/09/2019 8:24:50 AM1 min read

NSW Dangerous Goods Movement Study

Transport for NSW (TfNSW) has commissioned the Australian Road Research Board (ARRB) to ...
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Australian Road Research Board01/08/2019 3:51:03 PM1 min read

Using passenger tyres in bitumen

Using more end-of-life tyres in road construction is a known way to curb a significant ...
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Australian Road Research Board12/07/2019 3:19:38 PM1 min read

Merging binder grades offers benefits: report

Lower costs and simpler specifications for building roads could be the result of ...
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Australian Road Research Board27/06/2019 2:32:06 PM1 min read

Driver distraction more serious than you think

Distracted driving has been found to be at least as dangerous as drink driving.
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