Life at ARRB

The ARRB experience

What we offer

The Australian Road Research Board is a truly dynamic and vibrant organisation providing exciting opportunities for people to do great things, to pursue the big research questions, and to see the fruits of that research being applied in practice. A positively inspiring organisation!

You will have the opportunity to work alongside world-class experts from around the globe on challenging projects and cutting-edge research and application.  We commit ourselves to providing our staff with the highest level of support and career development and provide regular graduate recruitment and secondment programs.

Intellectual excellence

The Australian Road Research Board (ARRB) is the enabler of next generation development of transportation across Australia.  Our strategic view is to serve the research needs of our members and to maintain and strengthen our reputation as a national interest, applied research organisation.

At ARRB, we strive to attract world-class experts from around the globe to add to our existing pool of intellectual excellence.  We want the best of the best to join us in our vision to drive innovation to deliver an ‘adaptable connected future’.

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