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ARRB delivers transport projects on time and on budget.

ARRB prides itself on consultation with, and commitment to our clients at all stages of your project.

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Major Road Projects VictoriaWestern Roads Upgrade 2022 PCS data collection and ad-hoc advice

“Richard Wix is very knowledgeable and always reliable. ARRB worked collaboratively with us to undertake a network pavement condition survey within our required timeframes. This was supplemented with GIS presentation and associated ad-hoc technical advice. All tasks were undertaken within required timeframes and to a high level of quality.”

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TfNSWHydrogen Vehicles Study

“Thanks for being so agile to our needs! You have been so responsive and willing to engage with us and other working groups, including joint consultation. Really appreciate your flexibility in this regard.”

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TMRBrisbane Valley Highway Overtaking Lanes

“ARRB were thorough with their analysis and provided a fit for purpose deliverable for TMR's needs.”

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Department of Transport and PlanningPavement Data Survey Services

“It's a very pleasant experience to work with both Chris and Richard and their team. Both are quick to respond, address any issues/questions I have and are patient too. They are fair and nice to work with.”

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Alex Fraser AsphaltLab Testing

"AFA have had a major project on for the past year which has required ongoing RAP viscosity testing … the testing turnaround time, reporting and especially the feedback on any sample issues such as incorrect numbering and communication has been outstanding from the ARRB laboratory, and in particular from Elizabeth Woodall."

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John HollandPlastics into circular economy initiative

"Dr James Grenfell and Dr Richard Yeo have been among the most efficient, patient and knowledgeable people that we have dealt with in our industry. They make our life easy and add value to what we are trying to achieve. Their communication is second to none and gives us the confidence when putting forward value-adding solutions within our business."

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Infrastructure AustraliaReplacement Materials in Road Infrastructure

"Clarissa and the team were fantastic to work with. The value and contribution by each individual team member was clear. From the outside looking in, the roles and responsibilities of the team members were unambiguous, with each able to lean on their strengths."

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Northern Territory Government, Department of Infrastructure, Planning and LogisticsAusRAP Road Safety Assessment - Sandover Highway

"This was a very sudden request with a strict timeline, that ARRB dealt with with professionalism. Understanding the client's requirements, ARRB delivered this project on time, with excellent line of communication."

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Mornington Peninsula Shire CouncilSmart City and Smart Parking Evaluation

"The ARRB project team showed agility and flexibility to meet the Shire's changing requirements due to unforeseen challenges during the project, with the ARRB team going beyond original requirements to deliver additional high quality outputs on top of an excellent final evaluation report."

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TfNSWRoad Deterioration Modelling

"Team's knowledge and experience with road deterioration modelling is remarkable. Their commitments and efforts to revise the deterioration models were greatly appreciated throughout the project."

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Our road safety team works with:

  • Local and State Governments
  • Mining Companies
  • Federal Road Authorities
  • State Road Authorities
  • Public Transport Agencies
  • Vehicle Insurers
  • Transport Companies
  • Industry Groups
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