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What is TIPES?

The Transport Infrastructure Product Evaluation Scheme (TIPES) is a process aimed at providing an independent fit-for-purpose assessment of innovative road construction products. TIPES is intended for the evaluation products that fall outside the scope of established standards and specifications.

TIPES is a national scheme endorsed by all Australian State and Territory road agencies as well as IPWEA (QLD), the Queensland Local Roads Alliance and WALGA.


Product Owners

Getting your products approved by every road agency can be a difficult task. You need to be working with many road agencies just to get a sample tested. 

Download information on how TIPES can help you target your sales approach and reach all road agencies in the one place.

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Road Agencies

Your roads are important. You need to have them safe as well as cost effective. You know there are innovative technologies that can help you do this, but which ones are the right ones? 

Download information on how TIPES can take the risk out of experimenting with a new product.

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