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Transport data and analytics are one of ARRB's services

Transport Data & Analytics

ARRB provides an end-to-end transport data and analytics service.

We can collect all types of transport data – including the condition of the road network, where potholes and failures are likely, even data pinpointing where crashes are likely to happen. But data is nothing without context.

ARRB offers a full analytics service to understand what this data means, and how your organisation can use this information to achieve the best value-for-money outcomes for your roads.

ARRB offers a full suite of transport data collection and analysis services to inform your maintenance, road safety, asset management and future transport needs.

ARRB's Intelligent Pavement Assessment Vehicle (iPAVE) leads the way in pavement data collection

High-quality data collection services

Using our world-class fleet of infrastructure measurement and survey vehicles, ARRB offers high-quality ISO 9001:2015 accredited data collection services for everything from large-scale network surveys, local road system surveys, project dilapidation surveys or ride quality testing.

We can then use the data we collect to inform your maintenance, road safety, asset management and future transport needs.

ARRB’s experts can work with you to interrogate your road network condition data and provide valuable insights into the risks, priorities and to get the most value for your maintenance funding.

We can also work with you to develop comprehensive and persuasive business cases to obtain the funding required for you to maintain your network at the appropriate level of service.

ARRB also has its technologically advanced iSCAN vehicle - an automated probe vehicle retrofitted with state-of-the-art hardware and a leader in road survey digital data. The iSCAN is helping develop next-generation mapping systems to properly prepare your road network for advanced driver assistance systems and driverless vehicles.

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