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ARRB Group LTD Privacy Policy

This is a statement of the National Transport Research Organisation's (NTRO) policy on Privacy. If you require further information on the Privacy Act and the Australian Privacy Principles, please visit the following website: The Privacy Act | OAIC.

As a part of performing its business and administrative activities NTRO collects personal information. The NTRO Privacy Policy is periodically reviewed against changes made to the Privacy Act. This Privacy Policy is released with the latest amendments applicable to NTRO from the Privacy Act.

NTRO collects "personal information" in the form of names, business addresses and areas of technical interest, and only for the purposes of normal commercial interaction with its client organisations. Information is held on databases (both online and locally).

“Personal information " held by NTRO may include your name, business affiliation, business address, private address if an employee, telephone number(s), email address, bank account or credit card details, and your areas of technical interest.
NTRO does not collect "sensitive information” in the course of its business as described under section 6 of the “Privacy Act 1988”.
All personal information collected is securely protected.

NTRO collects personal information in a number of ways, including:
• Directly from you when you provide information by telephone or in documents such as registration forms
• Directly from you when you register online for an event, subscription package or make an enquiry through our website
• In the normal course of business for example conference/workshop attendees, newsletter subscriptions employment applications, business cards and emails
• From publicly available sources of information (IP Addresses).

NTRO uses Cookies to monitor hits on a particular training course, or to monitor interest in other areas, such as seminars relating to road construction and safety.
NTRO uses Cookies to hold on to your IP address and user id which is a number. Nothing personal such as name or address is identifiable.
Please note that any cookies created by using, for example, Google's services, google maps, google analytics etc, NTRO or its service providers do not have any control over these cookies. You need to refer to Google's or any other privacy/cookie policy for the site you are on.

Your personal information may be used to:
• Provide the products and services you require
• Provide you electronic updates on NTRO’s products and services (enabling you to unsubscribe at any time)
• Provide recruitment opportunity where agreed with a previously unsuccessful employment application
• Administer and manage employment and other business services, i.e. charging, invoicing, payroll, continuous improvement from website information.

Your personal information may be disclosed:
• Where the collection of the information is required or authorised by or under an Australian law or a court/tribunal order or
• Where the information is reasonably necessary for one or more enforcement related activities conducted by, or on behalf of, an enforcement body
• NTRO will not disclose personal information relating to a particular employee, unless the employee has given written consent to the disclosure of the information and the disclosure is in accordance with that consent
• In the course of normal business for our professional advisers, including our accountants, auditors and lawyers
• Other organisations sub-contracted to provide services to us e.g. external professional conference organiser
• NTRO does provide conference delegates a list of attendees (including name, organisation and country), however delegates can opt out of this during registration.
Please note NTRO does not disclose personal information to external companies for marketing purposes locally or internationally.

The Privacy Act 1988, does not apply to current or former employment relationship between NTRO and an employee, and an employee record held by NTRO relating to the employee. NTRO however does have procedures in place to protect employee’s personal employment information per the Fair Work Act 2009. The Privacy Act does apply to information relating to job applicants and NTRO has procedures in place to ensure that all such information is held in a confidential manner.

NTRO takes all reasonable precautions to ensure that the personal information collected, used and disclosed is accurate, complete and up to date. We recommend that you keep NTRO up-to-date with your personal information including any changes or errors. Only NTRO employees are required to contact the HR or Finance department to update any personal information.
All other ‘non employees’ are to contact to amend your personal details stored by NTRO.

You have a right to access your personal information, or to request us to delete it. If you would like to do either, please let NTRO know. You may be required to put your request in writing for security reasons. If you choose to ask NTRO not to hold your details, we may not be able to provide you with the services you require. Please contact to amend your personal details stored by NTRO. NTRO employees have the right to access their personal information. Employees can do this through the HR department.

NTRO has an internal complaint handling process for staff.
NTRO has an external complaint handling process –contact the Privacy Officer for further information (see details below).

If you have any questions regarding privacy, please contact NTRO at

Michael Caltabiano

NTRO Chief Executive Officer

Event Policy

Use of Registrant’s personal data

By registering for the Event, the Registrant grants to ARRB a perpetual irrevocable royalty free licence to use the Registrant’s personal data provided in completing the Application, including the Registrant’s name, position, organisation, email address and mobile phone number (personal data) and you agree to ARRB providing that personal data to all other registrants, sponsors, speakers and funders of the event to use for their own marketing and promotional activities.

Laws and Registrant behaviour
  • Each Party will comply with all applicable Laws during and in relation to the Event;
  • The Registrant will immediately leave any Event activity if directed by ARRB Personnel to do so for reason of perceived breach of Law, disorderly or inappropriate behaviour, intoxication or drug use or security and the Registrant will not be entitled to claim any refund or compensation in those circumstances;
  • The Registrant will not film or record, or otherwise acquire any image or personal information regarding, any person or activity at the Event without the prior written approval of ARRB and any affected person;
  • ARRB may film and may record the Registrant at the Event and ARRB may disclose the Registrant’s personal data and photographs in the context of the Event and any other ARRB event and the Registrant will not be entitled to claim any compensation in those circumstances; and
  • The Registrant acknowledges and agrees to comply with the ARRB Privacy Policy and all other ARRB policies and rules set out or referenced in the Application.

ARRB may allow the Registrant to cancel their Registration in favour of registration by a colleague employed by the same employer as the Registrant for no additional Fee provided ARRB is notified and a new Application completed by the colleague 24 hours or more before the Event commences.

Transfer of Nametag

The Registrant acknowledges and agrees that the registration is personal to the Registrant and the Registrant must not transfer the Registrant’s name tag to any other person, except to the extent, if any, expressly permitted in the Application.

Cancellation Policy:
Cancelled by Delegate

Cancellations made 14 days or more in advance of the event date, will enable a 90% fee refund.
Cancellations made 7 days or more in advance of the event date will enable an 50% fee refund.
Cancellations made 6 days or less of the event date will enable a 0% fee refund

Cancellation or postponement of Event by ARRB

In the event that ARRB elects to cancel or postpone the Event for any reason (including for reasons of pandemic or epidemic, default by third party, threat to security, severe weather conditions, fire or any other cause), ARRB may elect, in its unfettered discretion, to:

  • provide the Benefits at an event held at a later date within twelve months of the proposed Event date at a venue in Australia chosen by ARRB;
  • provide the Benefits at a virtual live streaming event held at later date within twelve months of the proposed Event date and refund an amount reflective, in ARRB’s reasonable opinion, of the savings to ARRB in holding the virtual live streaming event; or
  • cancel the Event altogether and refund the Fee less an amount reflective, in ARRB’s reasonable opinion, of the costs to ARRB expended to that time.
Payment Ts&Cs:

All payments must be made upon registration or where ARRB allows later payment, by payment in full or provision of a Purchase Order within 14 days of invoice date or within 7 days of event commencement date, whichever dates comes first. Failure to provide payment or Purchase Order within this timeframe may result in registration cancellation or refused entry.

COVID Safe Plan:

Registrant must comply with all applicable government mandated Covid requirements during the Event. In addition, a number of precautionary measures may be enforced by ARRB GROUP during an Event, to help minimise the possibility of the spread of infection in line with advice from the Chief Health Officer in the respective State or Territory

ARRB GROUP has established guidelines for all Events.

  • If any Registrant thinks they may be at risk of infection, they should not attend the Event but raise this with ARRB prior to attending an Event to discuss their options.
  • If any Registrant begins to feel unwell during the Event, please alert the presenter or another ARRB Team member, leave the Event immediately and advise ARRB as soon as results of any Covid test are available

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