What does the future of mobility look like? ARRB provides the government and industry stakeholders with advice, integration and collaboration to deliver future transport thinking today.

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ARRB and Future Transport Systems

ARRB's Future Transport Systems team enhances the function of mobility corridors by embracing technological change.

   Our services include:

    • Connected and Automated Vehicle (CAV) readiness for road infrastructure
    • Safe Assurance Methodology/Safe System Management
    • Advanced traffic management and modelling
    • Network operations, planning and mitigation
    • Smart Mobility Solutions
    • Smart Cities testing platform
    • Advanced Safety Technology testing and validation
    • CAV import application approval
    • Data analytics of Australian road networks
  • Our core competencies include:

    • Experience working within government, industry, consultancy and academia
    • Technology and transport advisory
    • Transport modelling and analysis
    • Cost benefit analysis
    • Collaboration
    • Policy development and implementation
    • Legislative interpretation
    • Data warehousing, analysis and interpretation

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