Intelligent Pavement Assessment Vehicle | iPAVE

ARRB’s Intelligent Pavement Assessment Vehicle (iPAVE) will change the way your local government authority or road agency manages its road assets.

The iPAVE provides pavement strength testing in a single pass along a road – providing an accurate, cost-effective way of measuring the quality of a road surface and its sub-surface.

Seven lasers on the iPAVE pick up deflection as the vehicle moves along any road.

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It collects all data as it drives, including video imagery, to monitor the response of a pavement when placed under load.

Several cameras are mounted to the iPAVE to collect asset and pavement imagery.

Data provided includes continuous pavement deflection profiles, from which bearing capacity indices can be derived and pavement fatigue estimated.

The high accuracy and resolution of the iPAVE enables engineers to pin-point areas where the pavement may be subject to failure, allowing local government and road agencies the opportunity to decide where best to spend their valuable maintenance dollars.

ARRB has three iPAVE vehicles, which are available to local government and road agencies. Our third iPAVE vehicle joined the fleet in July 2022. You can find out more about our newest iPAVE, with ground penetrating radar, in the video below.



  • Collects pavement condition and structural parameters in one pass
  • Ability to operate at traffic speed
  • Increased operator and road user safety
  • More data measurements than traditional methods (i.e. FWD)
  • More cost efficient as no traffic control is required
  • More flexibility in survey planning and network coverage

Hawkeye Integration

The Traffic Speed Deflectometer (TSD), manufactured by Danish company Greenwood Engineering, has been fully integrated into ARRB's Hawkeye platform.

Additional Hawkeye sensors are fitted to the iPAVE for measuring roughness, rutting, texture and automated cracking.

Several cameras can also be mounted to collect asset and pavement imagery.

The ARRB Hawkeye platform's unique acquisition and processing software fully synchronises all data streams ensuring structural and surface condition measurements are time-stamped and measured simultaneously.


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