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Network Safety Plans

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Network Safety Plans

Course overview

This training course explores the benefits of developing and implementing a contemporary, effective, structured Network Safety Plan, as part of a Safe System inspired road safety effort.

Network Survey Plans are a relatively new concept within the industry and their importance, content and guidance on their development is emerging. This course identifies and embeds prior practitioner knowledge and experience, before extending knowledge and understanding.

The course begins by securing an overview of the exposure and experience of attendees before turning to answer the key questions:

  • What is a Network Safety Plan (NSP)?
  • Why are they important in saving lives on Australia’s roads?
  • Why are they important to my role/my organisation?
  • What does a standard contents list look like?


Attendees are then given practical guidance and useful tips on:

  • Collating required documentation, information and data
  • Making a start – following a process
  • Fleshing out the NSP – reaching a worthy first draft
  • Writing to express – approach, phrasing, formatting
  • Iterations of drafting/reviewing the NSP
  • Finalising and promoting the NSP
  • Ensuring a compelling and dynamic document


A practical case study underpins the course, providing attendees with the opportunity to apply their learning.


Level: Basic / Intermediate

1 day

Delivery method:
Pre-learning materials and in-person components

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Event contact

  +61 3 9881 1555
  • Learning Outcomes
  • Learning formats/activities
  • Resources
  • Target audience

Learning Outcomes

  • LO1 Mid-level understanding of the need for Network Safety Plans
  • LO2 Mid-level understanding of the structure of a Network Safety Plan
  • LO3 Mid-level understanding of how to gather and form the content of a Network Safety Plan
  • LO4 Low-level understanding of how to ‘sell’ a Network Safety Plan
  • LO5 Mid-level understanding of how to ensure a dynamic, effective Network Safety Plan through regular review and continual improvement 

Learning formats/activities

  1. Interactive course including contemporary case studies and ongoing discussion to facilitate an emerging concept and extend learnings opportunities to meet individual needs
  2. Multiple-choice and short-answer revision quiz at the completion of the course


  • Pre-recorded sessions (setting context)
  • Presenters' slide deck, including accompanying notes
  • Case study skeleton
  • Quiz/test questions

Target audience

Local Government

  • Local Council safety officers/teams
  • Road network managers
  • Road asset managers
  • Graduates/Junior engineers

State Government/State Road Agencies

  • Dedicated road safety team members
  • Graduates/Junior engineers working in road safety engineering or traffic management


  • Students – transport . network engineering related disciplines
  • Road safety advocacy group members