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Australian Road Research BoardJune 30, 20231 min read

Latest specialist surfacing products receive TIPES certification

Damar CDC Pty Ltd’s CAP Coloured Surfacing and MPS Paving Systems Australia Pty Ltd’s StreetBondTM are the latest products to receive TIPES certification as Coloured Surfacing Treatments (CST) and gain inclusion on TMR’s Approved List for usage in Queensland.  

Damar CDC’s product is the first Cold Applied Plastic (CAP) to receive recognition under the scheme and has been awarded Level 1 certification, which will allow the product’s usage on ‘smaller scale, low risk sites’ (as per Annex 2 of TMR MRTS110.1, March 2023), and its in-service performance and resilience to be monitored so as to support higher levels of certification in time.

MPS Paving Systems Australia Pty Ltd’s StreetBondTM has demonstrated a long track record of solid performance, gained over more than 5 years since the product’s introduction into the Australian market, and shown itself to be a worthy recipient of Level 3 (Full) certification. 

NTRO Certification’s TIPES Governance Manager, Mark Steidle, said “It is very pleasing to see that manufacturers/suppliers are still bringing forward both new and mature products for evaluation, as this is giving end users a greater choice and availability of such products throughout the state of Queensland. Applicants can be assured of equity, consistency, and robustness in the evaluation process”.          

TMR’s full approved listings of CSTs and High Friction Surfacing Treatments (HFSTs) can be found as a link from the TIPES website. 

Paul Hillier, Principal Professional Leader for NTRO Certification, encourages all manufacturers/suppliers with an interest in having their product/s used in Queensland but have yet to have them evaluated to contact him on 0416 120 478. He states: ‘We have received consistent feedback that all of the previous applicants have gained considerably from preparing for, and going through, the evaluation process. It gives them an enhanced understanding of their product against local requirements and objectives. We have also been advised that TIPES recognition can assist in unlocking greater market opportunities, including outside of the host state.

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