Governments, industry and the community are calling for the increased use of recycled materials in roads, less waste and a sustainable circular economy. ARRB’s expert engineers and sustainability professionals can help make this happen.

Construction and maintenance of road infrastructure requires large amounts of construction materials. Sources of new or ‘virgin’ construction materials are depleting and waste stockpiles are increasing, making roads a promising opportunity for the use of recycled materials.

Through the design and application of robust research methods, ARRB ensures that recycled and alternative materials meet the same or better engineering outcomes as standard materials, without creating legacy issues for future generations.

For over 30 years ARRB has led Australia’s research and development in the use of recycled and alternative materials in road pavements. We have worked with state and local government and the private sector to run trials and enable the widespread use of recycled materials including crumb rubber, plastics, glass, reclaimed asphalt pavement and crushed construction and demolition waste.

Our experienced research team can help:

  • understand the engineering performance and technical constraints of recycled and alternative materials in different applications and climatic areas
  • assess environmental and health concerns and material supply chains
  • develop new and innovative pavement design mixes utilising our world-class laboratories and in-field trails
  • conduct specialised trials, testing and performance monitoring
  • develop guidelines and standards for the use of recycled materials in road pavements
  • harness world-leading research through our extensive contacts with universities and research organisations from across Australia and the world
  • apply research to real-world applications through collaborations with key industry sectors, road agencies, local government, environmental and sustainability agencies and producers of recycled and reclaimed products
  • apply a rigorous scientific (and peer reviewed) method to ensure world-leading and dependable research findings
  • evaluate the economic and environmental impacts of using recycled and alternative materials in roads and infrastructure.

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Case study 1: Crumb rubber trial with Tyre Stewardship Australia and VicRoads in Melbourne 

Case study 2: Victorian Government Recycled First project

Case study 3: Sustainability Victoria and Brimbank City Council recycled glass in asphalt 


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