ARRB is a recognised leader in developing and researching
strategies to make our roads safer – both now and into the future. ARRB works together with government, road agencies and industry to implement the vision of no death and serious injury on Australian and New Zealand roads.

iRAP accredited - white-01

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Our safety team can work with:

  • Mining industries
  • Federal road authorities
  • State road authorities
  • Public transport agencies
  • Vehicle insurers
  • Transport companies
  • Local governments

Our areas of experience include:

  • Policy and strategy development
  • Road design and traffic engineering
  • Road user behaviour and education
  • Enforcement
  • Fatigue monitoring and management
  • Vulnerable road users
  • Vehicle safety
  • Heavy vehicles including vehicle dynamics
  • Collision and incident investigation



As well as our range of services we can provide
advice on tailored research projects to solve
your specific challenges.
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