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Intelligent Compaction for Road Construction


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NACOE Intelligent Compaction in QLD

Course overview

This course provides an overview of intelligent compaction (IC) technology and explains the requirements and use of each of those. It describes the steps to efficiently implement and use this technology for quality control and project acceptance.

In addition to covering the advantages and benefits of using the IC technology, it points out important operational checks, practical requirements and issues; describes common practices and contractual requirements; and the uses of relevant equipment and required elements.

The training includes information about how IC attributes should be collected and used in the analysis and describes the details and features of Veta®, a specified software package that is used globally for the purpose of reporting and analysis of the IC data.


Level: Intermediate

Full Day

Delivery method:
In person/online


Event contact

  +61 3 9881 1555

Meet the speakers




Sam Afkar

Principal Professional Leader, Safer Smarter Infrastructure
  • Learning outcomes
  • Target Audience

Learning outcomes

  • Understanding of the intelligent compaction technology, basics and concept
  • Understanding of the contractual and practical requirements (hardware and software)
  • Understanding how the required detail/information is collected, monitored, verified and analysed (how in an IC project, the required data is collected to the right level on site)
  • Understanding how the IC results are used and the project IC file is prepared (to present to the client)

Target Audience

State Road Authorities and Local Councils

  • Project Managers
  • Contract Managers
  • Contract Administrators
  • Asset Managers
  • Technical Specialists
  • Project (Site) Inspectors


  • Technical staff
  • Lab Technicians
  • Site Pavement Advisors
  • Site Supervisors
  • Project officers
  • Project Managers