Simulation testing

ALF Triaxle

The Accelerated Loading Facility (ALF) is used to simulate heavy vehicle trafficking on pavement structures under controlled conditions.

The ALF allows pavements to be tested and for their performance to be evaluated in a very short time compared with test sites under normal traffic.

The original ALF was developed in Australia by the Roads and Traffic Authority of New South Wales. A number of long term pavement performance (LTPP) studies have verified ALF results against pavement performance under real traffic and environmental conditions. The Australian ALF has been used for more than 250 experiments over 25 years, applying over 32 million load passes and simulating well over 300 million Equivalent Standard Axle loads.


  • Rank relative performance of materials or processes
  • Investigate parameters used in pavement design
  • Provide support for road construction activities such as full scale proof testing
  • Assist with development of network deterioration models
  • Enhance full scale long term monitoring studies
  • Building capacity and expertise

Interested in full-scale testing? Contact ARRB's labs team for more information.