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ARRB-Aperture visualisation tool showing  example data layers including geological information

The Advanced Technologies Lab (atlab) will be the primary and centralised source of road transport data and information within the Australian Road Research Board (ARRB) and used to deliver project outcomes benefiting Member agencies and the community.

Through engagement with stakeholders and industry, the atlab was born with the purpose to create, generate, collect, share and analyse data -  and provide our Members with insights and a better understanding of network and infrastructure performance. 

ARRB aims to enable our nation’s strategic decision makers. The atlab achieves this by coordinating data used and collected across the organisation including road condition, strength, roughness, lane widths, vehicle speed/counts/headway, probe data, WIM, and crash statistics. The benefits of big data can be improved by applying ARRB’s knowledge and expertise by centralising datasets and implementing algorithms, analytics and visualisations.

ARRB's expertise enables our members to make data-driven decisions based on observable trends, concentrations and bottlenecks highlighted by these tools and supported by the data.


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