Bridge Inspections and Management

Bridge Inspections

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Bridges and other structures are crucial asset elements of the infrastructure network. It is essential that their condition is monitored and repairs are planned and completed in an efficient and timely manner. The systemic inspection, condition rating and monitoring of these assets are vital components to managing the lifestyle of these structures.

ARRB has a team of bridge and structure experts on staff who can provide expertise in this space to asset managers. 

ARRB can undertake:
  • Routine Maintenance Inspection (Level 1) - a visual inspection to check the overall serviceability of the structure and identify maintenance issues. 
  • Detailed component Condition Inspection (Level 2) - consists of a detailed report outlining the condition state of every structural component. 
  • Detailed Structural Engineering and Material Inspection (Level 3) - analytical analysis of a structure with suitable defect identification and investigation.

ARRB offers regular Bridge Inspection Workshops at a variety of locations around Australia throughout the year. All are provided by ARRB’s highly qualified experts. Check our Events Calendar

Bridge Management

ARRB can provide a range of services to address the management of structural infrastructure assets including:

  • development of rehabilitation and maintenance strategies
  • bridge maintenance prioritisation
  • economic evaluation of bridge rehabilitation treatments with NPV and B/C calculations
  • bridge asset valuations
  • training in the preparation of a bridge works program
  • development of bridge management systems
  • advice on bridge management systems
  • development of analysis modules for bridge management systems.

Structural Investigations

Structural Investigations

Our expert services include:

  • load testing
  • long term monitoring
  • site specific live load estimation
  • strain gauging
  • behavioural testing
  • pile integrity testing
  • standard frame analysis
  • specialised bridge grillage analysis
  • finite element analysis (FEA)
  • fatigue studies and remaining life estimations

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