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Road Condition & Inventory Services

Whether your need is for a large-scale network survey, a local road system survey or ride quality test, the Australian Road Research Board's (ARRB) offers quality data collection, using ARRB’s own Hawkeye platform. ARRB has built up extensive network survey experience over its many years of operation. This experience translates into the provision of accurate, reliable and time data, in accordance with national and international standards. ARRB maintains a fleet of over 10 dedicated survey vehicles, with various configurations to meet our clients’ requirements, that can be driven anywhere in Australia for various types of data collection. With trained survey operators located in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia, ARRB has people on hand to provide quality data collection assistance for your next project.


Survey Capabilities:
  • automated pavement surface assessments
  • automatic crack detection and mapping
  • geometry and mapping surveys
  • roadside inventory and asset management
  • road safety assessment
  • airport runway maintenance
  • estimate speed and travel times
  • road construction quality testing 
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iSSAVe Melbourne Eye

Road agencies monitor the functional and structural performance of their road networks to ensure they maintain appropriate levels of service thus allowing road users to complete their journeys safely. One of the most critical parameters is skid resistance, however, a more complete picture of a network’s safeness can be achieved if additional safety related parameters, such as texture, road geometry and rut depth, are also measured.

With the safety of road users in mind, ARRB built the iSSAVe: the first machine to produce a complete picture of the safety of a road network.

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Pavement Strength Testing

ARRB’s pavement strength testing services are carried out using a Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD), which is a non-destructive testing device that provides data on the bearing capacity of road and airport pavements.

Suitable for highways, local roads, railways and airport runways, FWD testing allows for more accurate and rapid measurement of pavement deflection under loads than traditional methods. The data can assist in applications such as pavement overlay design, pavement condition surveys and in the development and operation of a Pavement Management System (PMS).

A dynamic load is generated by the dropping of a mass, similar to that of a moving vehicle or aircraft wheel loads, from a pre-set height. The magnitude of the load and the pavement response are measured by a load cell and nine geophones.

The FWD is equipped with DGPS, thus providing location information up to an accuracy of 1 metre and all data collected is in accordance with International Standard ASTM D 4694-96 (2003).


  • Remaining pavement life
  • Pavement design overlay
  • Airport runway maintenance
  • Airport PCN determination
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Road construction quality testing

ARRB offers independent assessments of the surface characteristics during the post construction of pavements. Our testing is undertaken in accordance with the prevailing jurisdiction’s test method.

ARRB also routinely undertakes pre and post construction dilapidation surveys related to the creation of major infrastructure so as to provide an independent assessment of the impact on public roads.


  • post maintenance / construction ride quality testing
  • independent laser and imaging surveys for baseline data for infrastructure projects
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