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Falling or Heavy Weight Deflectometers

What is a Falling or Heavy Weight Deflectometers?

Trailer mounted devices that measure pavement deflection while stationary. They are often used on construction and local government projects.

All vehicles are equipped with a differential GPS and distance measuring instrument to ensure that results can be correlated back to a spatial location and road chainage. ARRB data can be reported back to the client in a wide range of formats including Excel, Access databases as well as spatial data formats. Visual imagery can also be provided for client use.


The cracks are beginning to show

Network Survey Vehicles (NSV) are equipped with either a thirteen Laser Profiler (13LP) or a 3D Laser Crack Measurement System (LCMS). These vehicles are designed for surveying larger local government or state road networks.


As well as roughness and texture they can also report rutting. They are also fitted with a large number of calibrated digital cameras and the imagery they collect can be used for visual rating of surface defects such as cracking, or for identifying and rating roadside assets.

For very large networks an LCMS equipped vehicle can be used to automatically identify and quantify cracking using Automatic Crack Detection (ACD) software, which is faster than manual visual rating. 13LP equipped vehicles may also operate on unsealed roads, but LCMS vehicles are restricted to sealed roads.


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