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Our Unsealed Road Vehicle 

What is a Unsealed Road Vehicle?

Specifically designed for collecting pavement condition data on unsealed road networks in a safe and efficient manner. The vehicle itself is a four wheel drive designed for off road use that is fitted with multiple cameras to take digital images of the pavement to assess its condition as well as the location of road side assets. It also capable of measuring the road geometry (cross fall, grade etc) of the network and as all data is spatially referenced using differentially corrected GPS, it can be used to map the road network. The URV is also fitted with roughness and texture lasers to measure the pavement condition of any sealed sections of the network.


The cracks are beginning to show

Network Survey Vehicles (NSV) are equipped with either a thirteen Laser Profiler (13LP) or a 3D Laser Crack Measurement System (LCMS). These vehicles are designed for surveying larger local government or state road networks.



  • Roughometer – axle mounted device with tablet specifically designed to measure roughness on unsealed roads/trails (unaffected by wet surfaces)
  • Asset cameras – front cameras provide a panoramic view (approx. 140°) in front of vehicle, cameras are calibrated so that lane width, distance to roadside hazards etc. can be measured. Assets can also be geolocated spatially and information stored copied into a rating form
  • Gipsitrac – an IMU that measures the road geometry – horizontal and vertical curvature, grad and cross fall. Horizontal curvature and cross fall can be used to determine advisory speeds for curves etc.
  • Road roughness and texture – measures IRI in both wheel paths along with macrotexture (more applicable for paved surfaces)


As well as roughness and texture they can also report rutting. They are also fitted with a large number of calibrated digital cameras and the imagery they collect can be used for visual rating of surface defects such as cracking, or for identifying and rating roadside assets.

For very large networks an LCMS equipped vehicle can be used to automatically identify and quantify cracking using Automatic Crack Detection (ACD) software, which is faster than manual visual rating. 13LP equipped vehicles may also operate on unsealed roads, but LCMS vehicles are restricted to sealed roads.


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