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ARRB parking expert discusses reverse angle parking with ABC Central West

Written by : Australian Road Research Board

Self-parking vehicles, multi-storey carparks and stacking systems are features of the modern parking landscape in Australia, but visit a country town and it is likely reverse angle parking is the go.

The reason there is reverse angle parking in so many regional areas is tied up in the history of Australian road development, which has meant routes in country areas have ended up a lot wider than those in metropolitan areas.

In this article with ABC Central West, Parking expert, Mr. Michael Moses, from the Australian Road Research Board (ARRB), discusses how reverse angle parking is actually prevalent Australia wide.

Mr. Moses said, traditionally, parking was the same in the cities as in the country and in the "horse and cart days they'd pull up at the kerb in a parallel fashion".

However he said as time went on and space became scarcer, angle parking became an option in order to maximise capacity of kerbside parking spots.

Read the full article here.

Image: ABC Central West: Melanie Pearce

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