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Australian Road Research BoardMarch 23, 20232 min read

Geveko Markings product Rollgrip achieves TIPES certification

Geveko Markings’ Rollgrip, a Coloured Surfacing Treatment (CST), has become the latest product to receive a certificate under Queensland TMR’s TIPES Supplement, giving the product a place on the local Approved List and permitting its use in Queensland. 

ARRB’s Principal Professional Leader, Johan Cronje, congratulated Geveko Markings on achieving Level 3 certification.

"The applicant showed a commitment and attention to detail that the local TIPES schemes for CSTs and HFSTs are all about," Mr Cronje said.

"This requires applicants to demonstrate an in-depth understanding of their product – its manufacture, composition, site challenges, and how it performs in practice.

"Certification provides TMR and most importantly, network users in Queensland, with confidence that these specialist products are fit for purpose. Geveko's achievement comes after a considerable commitment to demonstrating the technical performance of their product and is applauded."          

Geveko Markings is a global, independent manufacturer and distributor of road marking materials and horizontal coatings and has supported several international accreditations, global standards, and traffic safety initiatives in many countries.

A representative of Geveko said: "Engaging with the TIPES program for the accreditation of our Rollgrip product in Queensland was a logical choice given the links between ARRB, APAS, CSIRO and TMR in Queensland.

"TIPES is an excellent vehicle to improve product standards in Queensland and we look forward to working with all parties in the future to continually raise the bar."

Paul Hillier, who oversees the TIPES process under ARRB’s business unit, NTRO Certification, said: “It is encouraging to see more and more specialist surfacing products applying to be evaluated under TMR’s local TIPES scheme.

"This gives designers, network managers, and engineers a greater number of options – put simply, a listing of evaluated fit for purpose products.

"Our intelligence is that around 15 specialist surfacing products were used in Queensland over the last two to three years, so there is undoubtedly potential for more manufacturers and suppliers to bring their products forward for evaluation, with the ultimate benefit of inclusion on the local Approved List/s should they ultimately be successful.”

Indeed, two further materials are currently at the final stages of their evaluation.

“While this news concerns the local TMR schemes for CSTs and HFSTs, the beauty of TIPES is that it has a robust core framework that can be utilised for the evaluation of any product, process, service or training offering that you could think of which are used in the management and operation of a transport network," Mr Hillier said.

"It’s not just about products, it’s not just about roads, and we’d encourage transport agencies to contact us to discuss their product type approval / third party certification requirements and where ARRB, as your NTRO and an active contributor on the national certification working group can help.”

For more details, contact Paul Hillier on 0416 120 478.