Pavement & Materials

Optimising Pavements
PavementsPavement management is focussed on the optimisation of expenditure on the road pavement to meet budgetary requirements and user expectations.This requires a detailed knowledge of pavement behaviour throughout the pavement life-cycle.

In addition to our skills in pavement construction and design, and knowledge of pavement materials you can benefit from our extensive research and understanding of pavement deterioration processes (see ALF - the Accelerated Loading Facility), and our road asset data collection services.

Pavement and materials consulting services include:

  • optimum use of pavement materials
  • assessment of alternative materials
  • laboratory assessment of material performance
  • impact of heavy vehicles on pavement performance
  • accelerated pavement testing using the Accelerated Loading Facility (ALF)
  • new materials test procedures and guidelines.

Our expertise includes not only traditional asphalt pavements in urban environments but also low-cost unbound and spray seal pavements.

We can assist your organisation in the following pavement management areas:

  • implementation and development of pavement management systems (PMS)
  • pavement analysis and program development
  • implementation and application of HDM-4.

For more information on ARRB's long term pavement performance research, please visit the LTPP website.

Technical and strategic research program

Pavement technology research continues to focus on improving understanding of the response of flexible pavements to changing vehicle loads and new-generation heavy vehicles. Emphasis is being placed on unbound granular pavement materials.

Materials testing laboratories

ARRB Group have NATA accredited laboratories and equipment for testing the properties of materials in road pavements and concrete structures. We have facilities to test:

  • bitumen and binders
  • asphalt
  • sprayed seal
  • concrete and structures
  • unbound materials
  • stabilised and recycled materials. 

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