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Best Practice Guide to Unsealed Roads


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Unsealed road

Course overview

The Unsealed Roads Best Practice Guide was first published in May 2020 and captures current best practice in managing unsealed roads. The Guide is targeted at local governments (and other organisations) that are tasked with designing, constructing, and maintaining unsealed roads in Australia. This course will provide participants with a comprehensive overview of the Guide, as well as practical training on the interpretation and application of the various elements covered in the Guide, including road safety and design, construction and maintenance, as well as managing and operating an unsealed road network.

Each module will be presented by a resident ARRB specialist and will include both technical background information and practical case studies. This course provides a comprehensive overview of the key elements associated with the management of unsealed roads.


Level: Intermediate

Two days

Delivery method:
In person






Event contact

  +61 3 9881 1555

Meet the speakers




Tyrone Toole 

Chief Technology Leader, Asset Performance, Portfolio Leader - Asset Modelling


Joe Grobler

Principal Technology Leader, Safer Smarter Infrastructure 
  • Learning Outcomes
  • Target Audience

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding of important factors to consider when managing unsealed roads.
  • Understanding of how to design and maintain unsealed roads.
  • Latest knowledge of the various technical aspects related to unsealed roads.
  • Broad appreciation for the approaches used in the asset management of unsealed roads.
  • An understanding of the development and implementation process for works programs.
  • Awareness of the key aspects involved in unsealed pavement materials and design.
  • Understanding of the typical maintenance activity processes and involved considerations.
  • Understanding of when it is appropriate to seal an unsealed road.
  • Knowledge of alternative technical options for seals, reseals and dust suppression.

Target Audience

  • Design and Asset Managers and Technical Specialists
  • Project Managers and Engineers
  • Field Staff
  • Contractors responsible for the design, construction, and operation of unsealed roads