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Smart/Managed Motorways – An Introduction

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Sydney freeway

Course overview

Smart, or managed, motorways and freeways use technology, systems and processes to monitor and respond to traffic conditions, reduce congestion and improve journey times. Through maintaining maximum sustainable traffic flows, minimising traffic turbulence and enabling rapid incident response, managed motorways can operate at their optimum levels of safety, efficiency and productivity to support the economy.

This introductory one-day course provides an overview of the main aspects of smart/managed motorways and freeways. Drawing upon the Vic DTP Managed Motorway Design Guide (MMDG) and delivered by some of its authors, the course introduces the latest thinking and practices in planning, design and operation.

Its overview of managed motorways covers mainline traffic characteristics and theory, including capacity and maximum sustainable flow rates, flow breakdown and road safety on urban motorways.


Level: Beginner

One day

Delivery method:
In person


Event contact

  +61 3 9881 1555

Meet the speakers




Hendrik Zurlinden 

Principal Professional Leader, Mobility Futures


Maurice Burley

Managed Motorway Specialist and Freelance Consultant 


Paul Bennett

Senior Technology Leader, Mobility Futures 
  • Learning Outcomes
  • Target Audience

Learning Outcomes

LO1 Introductory understanding of motorway traffic characteristics and theory and smart motorway design and operation.

LO2 Introductory understanding of mainline traffic theory and characteristics, including maximum sustainable flow rates included in the MMDG - Motorway Capacity Guide and flow breakdown video/Treiber model

LO3 Introductory understanding of mainline capacity analysis and design

LO4 Introductory understanding of ramp signals, including benefits, objectives and myths

LO5 Introductory understanding of ramp signals operating principles

LO6 Introductory understanding of ramp signals design for operations

Target Audience

Public and private sector workers, including:

  • State road agency managers, traffic engineers and TMC operators
  • State road agency network operations managers
  • Road project developers and design engineers
  • Road construction contractors and consultants
  • ITS technology developers, manufacturers and suppliers