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TriSign_TIPES Certification
Australian Road Research BoardDecember 14, 20222 min read

Award-winning Trisign receives TIPES certification

Safetek Solutions’ award-winning TriSign has successfully received the Transport Infrastructure Product Evaluation Scheme (TIPES) certification.

Recently receiving the 2022 3M-ACRS Diamond Road Safety Award, TriSign is a changeable multiple message frame, allowing site engineers and traffic controllers the facility to quickly and remotely change the sign scheme of a traffic management worksite.

Adam Gardiner of SystemisedbyDesign, has overseen TriSign’s journey through the three phases of the TIPES certification process - application, panel evaluation and field evaluation. He explains:

“TriSign was inspired by our goal to eliminate the dangers to road workers during the periods of highest risk on a work site- set up and pack up of signs and devices,”

“Our journey through TIPES has been supported in no small way by DoT Victoria, Major Road Projects Victoria (MRPV), Seymour Whyte and McConnell Dowell.

“From concept through to approvals, TriSign has been a long journey for us, but is now a device that can bring safety, efficiency and convenience to the many project crews working on Australian roads each day.”

Providing an independent fit-for-purpose assessment of innovative road infrastructure products and devices, TIPES has recently awarded certification for the likes of Polyroad, the Australian Gibney Barrier, and Portaboom, and a number of high friction and coloured surface treatment materials.

ARRB’s Technical Secretary on the evaluation of TriSign, Karen Cogo, is thrilled with TriSign being the next certified road product with it increasing safety for traffic controllers.

“TriSign has the primary objective of considerably reducing the cumulative exposure of Traffic Controllers to being impacted by any off path or errant vehicle and in turn, reducing any disruption of traffic flow,” Ms Cogo said.

“The TIPES Product Evaluation Panel’s opinion is that the applicant had successfully demonstrated that the product is a practical solution which can considerably reduce the exposure to a traffic controller of an impact with live traffic, when compared to changing traditional, manual multi-message frame signage.”

TriSign has been used in Queensland since its inception on a project trial basis and is currently being used on a major. long term, road project in Victoria.

Of the latter, Brian McInerney, Traffic Manager at Major Road Projects Victoria (MRPV) said “We have two elements of the project that have minimal safe verges for traffic crews to safely set and pack up signage each day. We identified TriSign as a new product that could eliminate this risk by remotely changing signs each shift as well as the other benefits that the product brings”.

Mark Steidle, Governance Manager of TIPES, is also enthused by the collaborative manner in which this truly innovative and effective product has ultimately progressed to certification. Mr Steidle said: ‘MRPV expressed an early interest in the product and this allowed the proponent to fine tune their submission and focus on end-requirements and optimising benefits. SystemisedbyDesign showed a genuine passion in their product and making an impact and this was recognised by the PEP. Adam and his team responded immediately to all requests for additional information or if there were any technical questions, and this is important in the journey to certification.’          

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