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Mine Haul Road Safety

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Mining dump trucks

Course overview

This training program/workshop provides a basic introduction to mine haul road safety.

Delegates begin their learning by gaining a good working understanding of the transport related aspects of surface mining operations. A holistic view is provided in which operational requirements of the road network are balanced against the risks associated with interactions between vehicles of various classes and vehicles and people (both direct and indirect employees). The investigation of past incidents (all severities and near misses) provides a valuable in-depth understanding of the most common risk factors, so they can be avoided or mitigated on both new and existing haul roads.

Learnings from the disciplines of road safety engineering on public road networks, such as the contemporary Safe System approach, are introduced, showing their practical application to mine sites and mining’s unique vehicles to come up with ‘fit for purpose’ policies and practices. This utilises widely understood concepts such as the Hierarchy of Controls.

The program focuses on the basic principles of haul roads’ layout and construction, including standard terminology. A toolkit of core geometric design principles for main run haul roads and intersections is provided.

The workshop demonstrates the important contribution of supporting road infrastructure (roadside barriers, warning, and information signage etc.) and specialist items in reducing the risks faced by a mine site’s most Vulnerable Road Users (e.g. light vehicle drivers and occupants, and pedestrians). The importance of haul road management and maintenance in securing positive road safety outcomes is also stressed.

The value and typical scope of Road Design Manuals and Traffic Management Plans and where to find additional technical guidance and follow-up intermediate and advanced training completes the content.


Level: Introduction

Half Day

Delivery method:
In person


Pricing: TBC


Event contact

  +61 3 9881 1555

Meet the speakers


__David McTiernan


David McTiernan

National Leader Transport Safety, Safer Smarter Infrastructure 
Paul Hillier circle


Paul Hillier

Principal Professional Leader, Transport Certification




Noha Elazar

Principal Professional, Safer Smarter Infrastructure 




Gavin Lennon

Senior Technology Leader, Mobility Futures
  • Learning Outcomes
  • Target Audience

Learning Outcomes

  • Appreciate that surface transport related incidents are an on-going, serious issue at mining operations
  • Identify contributory factors in surface transport related incidents and which road user groups are the most vulnerable
  • Identify the fundamental principles of road design and traffic management as they apply to mine haul roads and how they can mitigate risk
  • Describe the importance of haul road management and maintenance with regard to safety outcomes
  • Appreciate where to find additional, practically based technical guidance and training

Target Audience

This course will benefit both corporate and operational staff employed at mining/primary resources companies who require an introductory knowledge of mine haul road safety.