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Selection and Design of Sprayed Seals

   Perth, WA 16-18 October

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Course overview

This training program (Units 1, 2, & 3) provides the audience with a comprehensive appreciation of the purpose and capabilities of sprayed seals, as well as the practical considerations concerned with their design, selection and construction.
It is both a refresher and more expansive insight into sprayed sealing principles and application that will benefit project managers, contract managers, asset managers and technical specialists in State Road Authorities and Local Councils. It will also benefit technical and operational staff who work for road construction contractors.

Unit 1: Fundamentals of Sprayed Sealing provides an overview of what sprayed seals are and why they make up the majority of the Australian sealed road network. The types of sprayed seals and their component materials are discussed, alongside methods to assure appropriate selection of sprayed seal treatments for the variety of purposes they may can be applied to. An overview of the design procedure and construction methods are also described.

Unit 2: Intermediate Selection and Design of Sprayed Seals includes a more in-depth focus on the seal design process and worked examples of these. Participants will gain a basic competency in designing single / single and double / double treatments. 

Unit 3: Advanced Selection and Design of Sprayed Seals includes detailed examples of geotextile seal designs and heavy vehicle traffic applications, as well as an interactive workshop in which participants can attain NTRO certification as sprayed seal designers. 


Level: Intermediate

One day per unit. 

Delivery method:
In person/online


Unit 1 - $1,200
Unit 2 - $1,200
Unit 3 - $1,700

Unit 1 & 2 - $2,450
Unit 2 & 3 - $2,900

Unit 1, 2 & 3 - $3,500

Event contact

  +61 3 9881 1555

Meet the speakers




Clair Price

Principal Professional Leader, Safer  Smarter Infrastructure


Steve Patrick

Senior Technology Leader, Safer Smarter Infrastructure
  • Course Outline
  • Learning Outcomes
  • Learning formats
  • Target Audience

Course Outline

Unit 1 – Fundamentals of Sprayed Sealing

  1. Fundamentals of sprayed seals
    1. The purpose of sprayed seals
    2. Types of sprayed seals
  2. Materials
    1. Materials used in sprayed seals
    2. How materials are specified
    3. Purpose and function of the materials
  3. Design and selection
    1. The goals of sprayed seal design
    2. How to design a sprayed seal
    3. How to select a sprayed seal
  4. Pavement preparation
    1. Pavement requirements for sprayed sealing
    2. Achieving an appropriate surface finish
  5. Construction
    1. Major steps in constructing sprayed seals
    2. Required equipment
  6. Troubleshooting
    1. Distress types for sprayed seals
    2. Cause of problems in sprayed seals

Unit 2 – Selection and Design of Sprayed Seals

  1. Sprayed Sealing Treatments & Selection
    1. Purpose and Effectiveness of Sprayed Seals 
    2. Types of Seal Treatments
  2. Single / Single Seal Design Methodology
    1. Methodology Principles
    2. Methodology Overview
    3. Design Traffic and EHVs
    4. Single / Single Seal Design Example
  3. Double / Double Seal Design & Methodology
    1. Methodology Principles
    2. Methodology Overview
    3. Double / Double Seal Design Example

Unit 3 – Selection and Design of Sprayed Seals – Certification

  1. Single / single, double / double, geotextile seal and heavy vehicle / grain harvest traffic worked examples
  2. A half-day interactive workshop on sprayed seal design

Learning Outcomes

Unit 1 – Fundamentals of Sprayed Sealing
LO1    High-level understanding of the purpose of Sprayed Seal
LO2    High-level understanding of types of Sprayed Seal
LO3    High-level understanding of Sprayed Seal Materials
LO4    High-level understanding of application processes

Unit 2 – Intermediate: Selection and Design of Sprayed Seals
LO1    High-level understanding of sprayed sealing treatments and selection
LO2    Detailed-level understanding of single / single seal designs
LO3    Detailed-level understanding of double / double seal designs
LO4    Detailed-level understanding of initial seals
LO5    Detailed-level understanding of SAMI seals

Unit 3 – Selection and Design of Sprayed Seals Certification
NTRO certification as a sprayed seal designer

Learning formats

  1. Interactive workshop-style presentation including end-of-topic questions and concept checks to facilitate discussion and questions from participants
  2. Online quiz to confirm learning outcomes achieved
  3. Half-day workshop in sprayed sealing design, submitted by the participant at the end of the session to obtain NTRO seal design certification

Target Audience

State Road Authorities and Local Councils

  • Project Managers
  • Contract Managers
  • Works Managers
  • Asset Managers
  • Engineers/Technical Specialists

Road Construction Contractors

  • Engineers/Technical Staff
  • Operational/Production Staff

Consultants and Road Designers