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Using Bitumen, PMBs and Bituminous Emulsions in Road Construction

   Port Melbourne, VIC 26 July



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iNTRO Sept 2020 RESIZED Bitumen cores

Course overview

This course provides an overview of the three main types of bituminous binders that are used in road construction (i.e. unmodified bitumen, polymer modified binders and bituminous emulsions). It includes information about how each material is produced as well as how they are specified. The course also describes the specified tests that are performed on each type of material and how the results of these tests will affect road construction and long-term road performance.

This course will provide a general insight into the use, specified properties and applications of bitumen, polymer modified binders (PMBs) and bituminous emulsions that will benefit project/contract/asset managers as well as technical specialists in State Road Authorities and Local Councils. This course will also benefit technical and production staff that work for binder suppliers.


Level: Intermediate

Half Day

Delivery method:
In person






Event contact

  +61 3 9881 1555

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Robert Urquhart

National Discipline Leader, Sustainability and Materials Performance


Petar Davcev

Portfolio Leader - Material Performance & Testing, Sustainability and Material Performance
  • Learning Outcomes
  • Target Audience

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding of how unmodified bitumen, PMBs and bituminous emulsions are produced
  • Understanding of the specifications applied to these materials, tests included in each specification and general applications of each material
  • Understanding of how the test results obtained for these materials affect construction and road performance

Target Audience

State Road Authorities and Local Councils

  • Project Managers
  • Contract Managers
  • Asset Managers and Technical Specialists

Binder Suppliers

  • Technical Staff Asset Managers and Specialists
  • Production Staff